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Do you ever get random filthy song lyrics pop in to your head?

I just got:

"Just let the Time Lord go down on me
(Just let him run)
To wander free..."
- sorry Elton John

Not sure I can blame it on this migraine I'm having at the moment.

FFN Stats

Jun. 25th, 2015 11:48 pm
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I've just discovered a personal milestone has been exceeded on

Total words archived : 1,111,617 words.

Oh my....!!

Has anybody else reached that yet? I'd love to hear.
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Some really creepy questions:
all 102 of them! )
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My middle son sat with me this afternoon as I looked at tumblr.

Having seen them on a blog, he explained what the word 'fetch' meant [basically I was told to NEVER watch Mean Girls] and the reference of two dancing boys in a gif, because I would never have known.

This was followed by him insisting on showing me the Wrecking Ball spoof on YouTube [oh my gawd! It deserves the 55 million hits]; but then he saw this photo on my tumblr dash
click for the picture & my son's reaction )


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