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I found these questions on tumblr; like you do, and couldn't resist.

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I nabbed this meme from [ profile] fannishliss, because I'm a sucker for anything with questions.

WITHOUT prompting, ask your other half these questions and write exactly what they say.

Hubby agreed to do this after immediately grumbling, "It’s not all about you again, is it? Why are you so insecure?!"
You might gain the impression that he didn't take this very seriously.

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Sep. 25th, 2016 12:07 pm
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Yesterday was hubby's birthday and, as usual, the hunt was on to find a card that didn't drip with insincere gushy sentiment (not where I'm concerned anyway).

So I thought you might appreciate the one I ended up giving him this year:

I think that says it all....
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I have some momentary Internet access so I thought I'd come and say "hello" while I can.

We're in Berlin; in a hotel reasonably close to the zoo, although I only got as far as the Tiergardens before I was completely knackered. Considering this was meant to be a shopping trip I have failed miserably because all I've paid for is food. Oh well.

So far the weather has been beautifully sunny and almost cold enough to snow. P-d-i-l wants it to snow, desperately, but hubby and my sons aren't so keen.

And yes I'm posting this just to prove I was here... So sue me.
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[The title is a terrible pun on the railway line I use to get into London; and surprisingly I ended up having an extensive conversation with a sweet old gentleman on the way about how good the service generally is, where he lives, and transport there... like you do, despite yesterday not being one of C2C's better days]
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Hubby completely surprised me late this afternoon by suggesting we go and see "What We Did On Our Holiday"

So we did, and have just got home.

It's a very enjoyable, funny film; and we laughed a great deal (especially the snipes at the English). Okay, I burst into tears during the opening credits, but I get like that when I see familiar Scottish scenery and I haven't been back up there for a while. The film was not to blame. The bits with Billy Connolly were adorable, and DT showed how well he does 'upset'. What more could you want?
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Okay, I was looking for an excuse to post a picture of DT
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We were woken by magpies at 5am this morning. 5am! The little sods.

Now singing I'm fine with. Birds can do that as much as they like. But these magpies were tap dancing on the windowsill, wearing what sounded like hobnail boots. Then to add insult to injury they started to bang on the glass (come to think of it, other types of banging might have been going on too. I'll have to ask David Attenborough if I ever get the chance).

Hubby leapt out of bed to rap on the window pane to get them to bugger off. Not exactly a great sight before your morning cornflakes for most, but fortunately I had my eyes shut in denial.

So all in all, I've had the grand total of five and a half hours of sleep; not all of it due to insomnia. Just leave me here while I try to catch up on life.... Zzzzzz
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We're watching a programme called Secret Eaters, where they film people secretly eating when they claim they don't.

Anyway, there was footage of a bloke scoffing in his car and hubby suddenly asked me if I secretly do that.

"No, I never secretly eat. You know what I do," I claimed

"But you secretly look at David Tennant websites," he gleefully accused me.

"That's drooling, not eating," I defended myself.

He laughed quite a lot.
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Some really creepy questions:
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I have just got home from watching Coriolanus as part of the latest National Theatre Live programme.

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Hubby was just playing with the Siri app on his new iPad, getting it to do searches after speaking to it; and then turned to me to say, "Search: tea!"
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*tosses my pyjamas into the laundry bin*

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