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Title: Gallifrey Productions (15/16)
Author: [personal profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna/Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), Jenny Smith, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2983
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
A/N: with a bit added during today’s hospital visit.
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Part 15

It’s him, it’s him!

At that precise moment his gaze lifted and their eyes met over the distance separating them.

Donna! Oh why did you leave me? Play it cool; charm her back. John’s shy smile turned into a megawatt grin.

All of those caught within the damage zone of his grin felt its affect upon them, but he only cared about Donna. His legs propelled him forward and towards her with very little incentive from his conscious mind. He merely wanted to be with her again, to have her by his side, in any capacity she was comfortable with.

“Hello,” he softly greeted her.

“Hello,” she returned the greeting.

“Busy?” he asked, nodding towards her unfinished stack of filing. Dump it all and come with me.

“Oh, you know; just making myself useful,” she replied. He’s here. I can’t believe he came and found me.

“Let’s put this down, shall we?” He took the pile of papers from her arms, turned to look for a place to drop them, and immediately handed the pile to Leanne. “I’m sure you can find a better place for these,” he addressed her. “Donna will be coming back with me to my office.”

“I am?” Donna queried in disbelief.

“You are,” he insisted. “We have some legal paperwork to get signed, and a pressing appointment this afternoon.”

The meeting to finalise the Barcelona location. She’d almost forgotten about that. Or rather, forced herself not to think about her previous duties. “So, you need me?” she asked; that ‘need’ being totally ambiguous within her mind.

To her increasing delight he took possessive hold of her hand.

“Always,” he huskily murmured. Always and forever.

Out of sight, Leanne clapped her hands over her mouth in reflected joy. This had to have been the most romantic thing she had ever seen.

“Bye everyone! Thank you!” Donna called out their farewells, letting John practically drag her away.

“Did you see that?!” Leanne gasped once their visitors had left the office.

“Oh my God!” the nearest woman cried. “I thought he was going to propose at the end there.”

“Who’s to say that’s not what he is doing right this second,” Leanne suggested.

“And you are all delusional,” Peter chided them.

But their enthusiasm refused to wane, and they all burst into laughter that was both joyous and envious.


“Bit of a death grip you’ve got there,” Donna commented as they reached John’s outer office door.

“Sorry.” He eased his tight grip slightly. “Can’t have you getting away from me, not now.”

“You make that sound like a line from a film,” she blustered. “Almost romantic.”

He pulled her closer as they entered his domain. “It is, isn’t it,” he remarked.

“Okay, what’s going on?” she demanded to know. “You’ve dragged me back here as though your inner caveman is at work, and… well… I don’t know, really.”

The hold he had retained of her hand was released, and he carefully slid some A4 sized papers towards her on the desk top. “Why don’t you sign your new contract and then we can discuss all this properly?” He then expectantly held out a slim silver pen towards her.

She took it from his grasp and frowned. “Shouldn’t we be discussing stuff before I sign anything?”

“Normally I would agree,” he reasoned, “but in this instance the case would benefit from you signing first.”

“If I blindly sign this,” she said, placing an index finger upon the legal document in front of them, “I might be agreeing to all sorts of unwanted things. Things like being whisked off to Timbuctoo to set myself up as the latest unfortunate member of the slave trade.”

“Donna,” he begged, “just sign the contract. It has taken a great deal of time and effort to get it here to you today. So I would be eternally grateful if you’d sign it. Please.”

Now deeply suspicious, she picked up the document and began to skim through it. Whatever she saw caused her to gasp and sink down onto the nearest chair, which fortunately happened to be a nice, comfy leather one.

Yes, the legal wording contained what she had expected, stating that she would be contracted to supply her time and skills to Gallifreyan Productions as a freelance consultant, providing a service for the foreseeable future, subject to renegotiation on an annual basis. But she hadn’t expected all the extra additions; like access to various company assets, including a villa in the south of France, a financial security bonus that had guaranteed the full payment of her mother’s mortgage, and membership to several credit card accounts in upmarket shops. In essence, he was going to pay for everything you could possibly think of, even the clothes on her back.

“You’ve… This is too much,” she eventually managed to say. “The one we agreed on was already far more than I had expected. But for you to do all this….” She waved a hand over the papers. “I’m overwhelmed.”

“You deserve it,” he maintained, gazing at her with open adoration.

“It also says here for to take immediate effect, but you’ve booked me with the agency until the end of the week.”

“Then you shall doubly benefit.” He fixed her with a determined stare. “Whatever it takes, you are free today to do as you please. The agency will be paid compensation for being broken from their legal contract with us during this week.”


“Sign the papers, please,” he pleaded, “and let me show you how much you mean to me.”

“You’re a right Mr Darcy, aren’t you?” she noted, to his amusement. “All that’s missing is the wedding you’ve secretly arranged.”

“If I told you now it wouldn’t be a secret,” he enigmatically stated.

That was it. Her mind was made up. With a flourish, she signed and dated the document and bound herself to him for at least the next year if not forever.

The door to his office was suddenly flung open and Andy stood there like an avenging angel. “Did you do it? Did you get Donna to sign the paperwork?” he almost wheezed in his excitement to get there. Then he spotted John was standing with Donna closely by his side. “Oh, you did. You might have told me.”

“Thanks Andy,” John scowled. “Donna has just this second completed signing everything.”

“Sorry,” Andy contritely apologised. “My timing can be a bit crap, which is a bit ironic when you… Look, why don’t we all go out now and celebrate together? My treat. And I promise no going anywhere near unwelcome company. So what do you say?” he eagerly queried. “There’s a glass of champagne with my name on it.”

“Are you still inviting Marianne?” Donna couldn’t resist asking.

He pondered that for a moment. “Yeah, why not. She deserves to help you celebrate.” He deliberately waited until he had turned and was heading out the door before he added, “Must be miles better then Amanda, any day of the week.”

For once, John chuckled in amusement. No one and nothing could destroy his good mood. He had legally tied Donna to him employment-wise for the foreseeable future, and now all he had to do was extend that to the rest of it.


One very happy lunch later, they returned to the office to undergo the meeting to finalise the Barcelona location. Fortunately, the whole thing took very little time, and soon Donna was gathering up used coffee cups, wrapping up uneaten small cakes, and contemplating the mound of washing up to be done.

As he left the office, Andy surreptitiously pointed at Donna and mimed to John that he ought to get close and talk to her. John waved him off, grinning from ear to ear. Yes, he was going to do this; but preferably without an audience.

“How’s Jenny?” Donna asked him as he sidled up beside her and began to help place things into the office kitchenette sink in front of her. “You’ve not mentioned her today yet.”

“Haven’t I?” he vaguely answered, throwing some rubbish into the nearby bin.

“No, you haven’t,” she stressed. “Is she still annoyed with me? I understand why, of course, but it’s best if I stay out of her firing line for a while.”

“She’s fine,” he insisted, “more than fine. Okay, she sulked for a while last night, but she isn’t the sort to bear a grudge for long. Just a bit fiery; you know how it is.”

“Oh I do,” she agreed. “Rather too well.” Wasn’t I just as bad at that age?

“She does still like you rather a lot.”

Result! “Does she?! I didn’t think she would.”

“How could she not?” Oh you are so beautiful when you smile at me like that. I could kiss you from here until kingdom come. “Look, I know this isn’t the ideal time to ask this, but then when IS it a good time considering all that has happened,” he wondered, frantically passing her cups to wash up without doing more than glancing occasionally at her face. If he stopped, he’d be caught in her eyes and would never want to leave. “Anyway, despite me getting things a little wrong lately, can we class this as a date? Or at least go on a date? You know, should you want to. I’ll understand if you don’t.”

“You dumbo,” she softly wheezed; causing him to halt his actions and stare at her. “Why do you think I let you put me through all that this morning?”

“I’m not sure, to be honest,” he admitted, now growing exponentially in confidence. “It rather suggests that you might be fond of me; of us.”

“Jenny has her merits. I’d be hard pushed to fault her,” she teased.

“And what about me?” he risked asking. “I’m sure you could get to like me a little more.”

“You?” She moved nearer and, to his delight, lifted a hand to touch his cheek. “Why don’t you let me show you how that liking might go.”

Her mouth eased slowly forward and pressed against his lips; causing him to fervently clasp her body close within his embrace.

“Show me again,” he begged.

So she did.


They were snuggled up together on the leather settee in John’s office, having had a rather deliciously satisfying snog. It was weird, Donna noted, how happy he was to lie with his head nuzzled up against her neck whilst all the other blokes she had gone out with would have attempted something rather more intimate; like put their hand up her skirt or planted their face in her cleavage. But not him. No, all he’d done was kiss her neck with wet swoops of his tongue, like he was doing right that second, as though she was a giant ice cream cone.

“Oi! You’d better not be leaving behind love bites on my neck, mister,” she idly threatened him.

“That’s not what I’m doing.” He chuckled in clear amusement; unrepentant and persistently intent on continuing his task. “No, not a visible mark on you,” he reassured her. “Nevertheless, everybody will know you’re mine.”

“Getting more than a bit possessive there, Mr Smith.”

“Definitely,” he happily agreed. No snarky remarks from her could burst his bubble, and he was well aware now that her words existed to mask her vulnerability. “You can do the same to me if you like.”

What else was she allowed to do to him? “Maybe later, when you’ve stopped pinning me down on here. I’d always wondered if this was your casting couch.”

A snorting laugh exploded from his lips. “It could be from now on, if you play your cards right.”

“You’re getting very saucy in your old age,” she noted. “This location trip of ours tomorrow…?”

“Mmm hmm?” he murmured distractedly. “What about it?”

“Are we sharing the same hotel room?”

His arms instantly fell to his side. “Donna! That would be unseemly.”

“Why? We’re both grown adults.”

“Maybe,” he countered, anxiously fingering his collar, “but we are not married.” Not yet. “We have hardly just started dating.”

Oh! “So you don’t want to…?” she forlornly queried.

“I do!” he hastily assured her. Oh gods do I! “Honestly, I do but I cannot; not when it matters so much. I would hate for you to end up doing the same as my sister-in-law Sarah.”

“Why? What did she do?”

To her dismay he merely shook his head. “I’ll tell you another time,” he cagily answered. “I will!” he amended when she glared at him. “Now you are not to worry about her, and get back to enjoying my incredibly handsome looks.”

Inevitably she scoffed at him. “Got yourself a little bit of an ego misalignment there, mate. It’s gone wandering off with the fairies. You might want to pull it in a bit.”

“I’d rather pull you in a bit nearer,” he whispered; doing just that.

Which was all very nice. Extremely nice, as it happened, but she had questions she needed answering. For now, it could wait; she was having a nice cuddle.


“Come home and have dinner with us,” John had requested.

“Are you frightened of letting go of me?” Donna had teased. “Because I promise not to run away. Will Jenny be okay with me turning up?”

“She’ll be fine,” he tried to confidently say. “Or at least she soon will be. This is our first proper date so she will have to get used to the sight of you.”

“But I don’t like the idea of her throwing a strop. It won’t help our relationship if she disapproves.”

“Then you will have to charm her, just like you have me,” he’d breathily crooned.

“Hello Donna,” Jenny had warily greeted her later on.

“Hello Jenny,” Dona eagerly greeted her, aiming for the same tone she usually used. “You alright?”

“Yeah,” she’d replied; but had kept her distance until their meal was ready to eat.

In fact, Jenny didn’t even look at Donna until they had sat down together at the dinner table. After they’d eaten, John had insisted that he alone cleaned up. She was sure there was a method to his madness; and she was right.

Left alone, Donna waited for Jenny to make some comment; whether it be good or bad. When it didn’t come, but was filled with awkward silence, she took control.

Sod this! “You can ask me any question you like,” Donna softly offered, “and I promise I’ll answer as truthfully as I can.”

Jenny lifted her gaze and for the first time that day looked her directly in the face. “Okay. Did you deliberately choose my dad to go after? I know you aren’t really engaged but you might be pushing him that way.”

“Honestly?” Donna waited for nod from Jenny before she continued with an answer. “It was Andy, your Uncle Andy that I’d thought… hoped I might end up with. Not that I’m saying your dad wasn’t nice or anything, especially in the bum department. Sorry, you didn’t want to know that snippet.”

“No, I don’t mind,” Jenny insisted, leaning forward in interest. “What changed?”

“I suppose your dad turning up in the beard helped a lot! Seriously. I really love the beard!” Donna gushed. “I mean, when I first saw Andy I couldn’t stop myself from swooning over how gorgeous he is; the both of them. You might not know this, but Andy is a major flirt.”

Jenny smiled. “I’ve heard he can be. What about Dad?”

“No, he isn’t; nothing like it,” Donna replied, “at least not at first. He’s more… what’s the word?... respectful and dignified. You and the family always come first, whatever he’s doing.”

Wanting to hear Donna’s side of things, Jenny then asked, “Then what was all that engagement business about?”

“Amanda,” she succinctly responded. “Your dad asked me to play along and pretend we were an item just to rid of her once and for all. Sort of worked, and as you know, sort of didn’t.”

“But why you?”

Luckily, Donna didn’t take offence at that. It was a fair question after all. “Purely because I was sitting next to him the first time, and the second time because he knew I’d play along supporting him.”

Jenny snorted a laugh. She suspected there was another reason that had motivated him. “That doesn’t explain the kiss.”

Which one? “The one your Grandma saw? Well, he had just put a ring on my finger, so it seemed a natural reaction to a proposal. It being a mock one didn’t seem to matter. Plus, I wanted to kiss him. I’ll be honest about that.” When Jenny scrunched her face up in disgust, she added, “Your dad is very kissable. He is a dazzling bloke; but don’t tell him I said that. It’d go straight to his head.”

This was still the same Donna she had grown fond of, nothing needed to change; so Jenny relaxed even more in the knowledge that her dad wasn’t being taken for a fool.

“So… have I passed the interview? Do I get the job? I mean: bloke?” Donna queried, making Jenny openly laugh in relief.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she enigmatically replied.

“You can easily see whose daughter you are,” Donna whimsically commented to no one in particular.

“Coffee, ladies?” John then appeared in the doorway to ask; grinning like the cat that had got the cream. Which in essence he had.

“Yes please,” both of them chimed simultaneously, and then giggled at their synchronicity.

A satisfactory result, John idly noted to himself. It felt good to get Jenny’s true feelings on the matter before he returned her to his mother’s care whilst they were away on location.

As it turned out, he wasn’t the only one worried about his mother’s continuing influence on the Smith’s lives.


Part 16
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