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Title: Gallifrey Productions (11/14?)
Author: [personal profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna, Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), Jenny Smith, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2623
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
A/N: the next part of this is almost ready too, so I should be able to update very soon.
Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |

Part 11

They had snuffled awake when Jenny’s laughter had disturbed their slumbers, horrified they had fallen asleep on each other. But going to bed brought new horrors; and not of the normal nightmare kind brought on by eating too much cheese before bedtime.

On the other side of the wall was their current love/crush, undressed or getting undressed at that very moment. It wouldn’t take much to go out onto the landing, walk the few steps up to their door, and seek entry. Simple as that. And just as easy to ruin everything between them by such a rash act.

Forbidden fruit, they called it.

Each of them reached out and touched the wall that divided them, unknowing it was a simultaneous act. Their hands lingered there, yearning to continue touching each other as they had done during their nap; and each wrestling with their inner doubts.

What if they don’t want me in that way?

Yes, slipping into their bed with them was extremely enticing, but at what cost? They were adults things like duty, honour, respect and decency to take into consideration. And Jenny slept mere feet away. No, this sweet agony would have to continue all night without resolution.

John yearned to do more than physically reach out. There had been desire in Donna’s thoughts and behaviour towards him that night; but had it been brought on by alcohol?

But there was a way to tackle it, in a way. He may not allow himself to cross the line he had drawn in the sand regarding this matter, but it didn’t mean that he could find a crack in the rules to peek through. After all, Donna probably wasn’t asleep yet, judging by the sounds of moving about he had heard and felt.

After a few moments, he padded out of his bedroom and up to her door. He even got as far as raising his hand to knock on it. What would he say when she opened it and found him standing there in his pyjamas? Saying “Can I come in and sleep with you again?” didn’t exactly create a persuasive argument no matter how much he wanted to embrace her the whole night long.

His body yearned for him to make a move on her, his heart wanted to declare his feelings, and his stern ancestors inside his head wanted him to do nothing more than rethink his life choices before cutting all ties to this lower member of class. Yes, they were definitely appalled with his obvious emotional response to such a woman, despite any specialness she might portray; they weren’t interested in that at all.

The result was his fingertips resting lightly on the wood of the door, knowing she might have heard his movements outside on the landing but having to pretend he didn’t want to kick the door down and lift her into his arms instead. Protocol be damned! Why couldn’t he just act like a normal human being? Why did he have to follow these rules all the time? Surely he was entitled to some time off from it all. Didn’t he always fight the good fight as a rule?

Sighing, he turned and quickly put as much distance as he could between him and Donna. It was best this way. He would only end up breaking her heart or endangering her life unnecessarily. Hadn’t he learned that lesson with Amanda?

Oh, he knew that Andy wasn’t very taken with her, had never been and ultimately that would have destroyed their romance, but there were other concerns. His mother approved many things about Amanda; like her looks, style, money, status and fertility; yet there was one teeny tiny fault that she was not aware of. Not yet. He would use it to deflect any scorn she would feel when he introduced his future wife.

Thinking of that fault led his thoughts straight to Jenny. The girl had hated the idea of Amanda permanently entering their lives; and vice versa. Yet Amanda had been determined to coerce him into a long-term relationship. The woman had been on a mission, as though she had picked him out of the Harrods catalogue and she was determined to get him. Which was very unfortunate. Mainly because, if she had persisted, Jenny would have eventually killed her, once she reached adulthood. That amount of rage and power was a natural trait in his family, and it could often be deadly.

Unbeknown to Jenny, she had already rendered Amanda unconscious with an accidental touch. It had taken a bit of trickery to get around the consequences of that - something he sometimes called ‘dad skills’. In light of that incident, he had felt it best to let Amanda dump him, over some misdemeanour she had conjured up. Add in the fact she thought he was attracted to her but merely used her as a trophy and the deed was easily done.

Having to do that upset him a great deal, but at least Jenny was safe and saved from her impetuous actions.

Would Donna fare any better? Probably not. That’s why he had to keep his distance, for all their sakes. And yet he didn’t want to, even now.

Praying silently to himself, he sat down on his bed, picked up his mobile phone and dialled a number. “Hello,” he crooned down the line when she answered, “long time no see.”

“Hello to you. Yeah,” Donna softly agreed, glancing at her watch. “Must be no more than twenty minutes since we came upstairs. I thought I heard you moving about a moment ago so assume you can’t get to sleep. What can I do for you?”

Now there was a leading question. “I wanted to thank you for coming to Jenny’s match wirh me today. Normally I find that sort of situation unbearable.”

“I’d have never guessed,” she teased. “It was no problem at all, and I enjoyed myself.”

“You liked the match, standing around in the cold on wet mud?” he wondered incredulously.

“Well, not that bit of it,” she admitted. “The rest of it was pretty good.” Like getting to glare at those stuck up women.

“You’re just saying that because you conned me into having a McDonald’s meal.”

“Me?” she mocked. “As if I would. But the look on your face was priceless. Totally worth it.”

“Jenny thinks so too,” he supplied. “You made her day.”

“That’s why they call me Super Temp,” she gloated. The happy smile on Jenny’s face would keep her going for days. “I arrive and solve problems.”

“Talking about being Super Temp,” he neatly sidestepped, “which I agree you are, I just wanted to clarify that you are okay losing your temp status in order to work with us. I was going to suggest that we head into the legal department tomorrow to double check the correct paperwork has been done.” We could probably push things through to change by the end of Monday, at the latest, if you want.

That made her re-examine her thoughts; but only for a split second. “I’m surprisingly okay with it,” she was astounded to learn. Especially if it meant being included in a family day like she had. “Are you?”

“Wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t,” he assured her. “I erm…” He gave a nervous cough. Get it out now while she can’t see you. “…. I suppose that you will be free to date Andy now, if you want to.” At her pause, he quickly added, “Once next week ends and you become a fully-fledged freelance consultant.” Please say you’ve reconsidered where Andy is concerned.

Is that what he wants me to do after tonight!
“Do you think I should?” she asked. “You didn’t seem so keen on the idea the other week.”

“Well…. You know,” he blustered, “whatever makes you happy.”

I know something that might make him change his mind about me dating someone else. “How would that affect our fake engagement?”

He chuckled despite himself. “I might have to call things off if you are two timing me.”

“Nah! I’m not that sort of a woman,” she declared. “Faithful to the bitter end, you’ll find.”

Molto bene!! “I’ll keep that in mind.” Hope soared within him. A noise from outside the bedroom on the landing broke into his thoughts. “I’d better go,” he whispered into the phone. “Jenny is crashing about so I ought to go and see what’s happening.”

“She might have locked herself in the bathroom,” she murmured, having heard the same sound. “Do you think she’s alright? Let me know if you need me to come out.”

“Will do. Hang on and I’ll peep out….”

She held onto the phone as he scuffled about; and she could hear his bedroom door open. Would he come into her room? It really was awful of her to desperately want him to suddenly burst into the room, like some romantic hero to rescue her. Nice fantasy to take to bed though…

There was a low murmur of voices, and then he returned to the phone. “It’s okay; she was merely getting a glass of water. She forgot to bring one up with her, and she was worried about waking you so she tried to do so in the dark.”

“Aw, that is so thoughtful of her. And rather silly,” Donna reasoned. “I wouldn’t have been annoyed with her.”

“Yes, she’s a good girl and rarely causes me problems,” he fondly boasted. One particular problem occurred to him and here was his chance to solve it. “The only thing that does worry me is letting her go clothes shopping before Sunday; getting a new dress in particular, to be honest. Her sense of money is rather skewed and she doesn’t appreciate my tastes when I offer an opinion.”

“Fairly typical for a teenager then,” Donna noted. “Why does she need to buy a dress?”

“She needs something new for this weekend or my mother will no doubt cause a scene,” he explained. “I may have mentioned my mother’s birthday garden party.”

“Oh yes, you have. Did you want me to go with Jenny to get a dress on Saturday?” Donna instantly offered, knowing all too well that level of parental disapproval and the effects it can have on teenage self-esteem. “I don’t mind if she has got anything by then.”

“If you wouldn’t mind, that’d be fantastic. Molto bene!” John enthused; right before he remembered he was supposed to refuse her kind offer. “Sorry. That would be me taking advantage of your good nature.”

“Or it could be me fulfilling my mock fiancée responsibilities,” she countered. “Don’t worry; I’ll think of a suitable reward you can repay me with.”

I might never be able to afford it. “You’re on! I’ll tell Jenny first thing in the morning. Before I go, thanks again for today. All of that sort of thing… Anyway, thanks. Bye, love.”

What! That was a stupid thing to let slip, he berated himself as he headed towards his pillow, to dream a wish fulfilment dream instead of his more usual nightmares.


It had to be the nicest start to her working day Donna had ever had. There was no sour face from her mother, no digs about her seeking a husband from the employment base, no mention of the likelihood of a permanent position being a pipedream; nothing negative at all. Instead, she got nothing but smiles from John from the moment they shared breakfast, through the drive the production offices, right up to the point they entered their own particular work space and beyond.

If she had floated along on her own little cloud from heaven it would have been no different. Who would demand anything better than that?

But John had tried; she had to give him his due.

He hadn’t been sitting at his desk for long, and she’d just handed him his morning cup of coffee when he had asked, “Are you ready to sign those papers? We’ll head for the legal department and make sure they have them ready or at least under way. I don’t want to wait any longer than Monday for you to sign them and be your way to a new position.”

“Careful, anyone would think you are eager to change my title,” she had teased. “Talking of titles, did you know that your mum has invited me to her birthday party thing this weekend? The invite was sitting at home for me. Mum rang and told me.”

Really! “No, I did not. I wonder why she’s done that.”

“Probably wants to know who exactly is babysitting her precious son,” Donna supposed; gaining the indignant response she wanted.

“Babysitting?!” he protested, and then thought of an excellent tease in return. “I know you are generally older but…”

He good-naturedly laughed when she punched him in the arm.


Jenny cautiously picked up her slice of toast and eyed her father as he sat perusing that Saturday morning’s newspaper. “Dad,” she cautiously began her question, “do you ever think it’s about time you married?”

John lowered the weekend paper and considered her. “Is this more of those probing questions your friends at school want to know about us?”

“No,” she denied, taking a small bite. “This is all me, wondering why you aren’t with someone and happy.”

“I am happy,” he insisted.

“You look it,” she sarcastically retorted.

That tone sounded familiar. “I think,” he carefully worded, “that you have been spending too much time talking with Donna.”

“Or not enough,” she contradicted. “I think you ought to ask Donna out.”

“Jenny, don’t be silly,” he answered. “I work with Donna and we travel about together, but that is as far as it goes.”

“Uncle Andy said otherwise,” she murmured, and deliberately bit off a larger piece of her toast.

“Well, Andy can talk,” he impatiently responded, “Because I caught him trying to…”

“Trying to what?” Jenny inevitably wondered.

“Doesn’t matter,” John decisively said, closing his newspaper to end the topic of conversation. “Have you finished your breakfast? I want you to get any homework you might have to do done and out of the way before this afternoon.”

“I know,” she groaned. “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Grandma’s garden party tomorrow.” Fat chance really, considering all the fuss the woman had been making over it. Remembering a certain detail, she deliberately riled her father by asking, “Will Donna be coming to it?”

“She will be there,” he answered as calmly as he could. This might be a very trying time for them. “Mother invited her but I don’t understand why. Unless you put her up to it?”

“Wasn’t me!” Jenny insisted with a shake of her head; causing her long blonde hair to whirl against her face. “I thought you knew. Grandma ran into Amanda the other day.”

His face paled. “She did?”

“Ahmm,” Jenny confirmed. “Grandma said that Amanda had met Donna by chance with you and Uncle Andy. Then she said she was going to find out a little more about your new secretary. I’m not surprised Grandma has invited Donna to her party.” Secretly, she was hoping Donna would brighten up her grandmother’s attitude as much as she had her father’s.

“This needs some damage control,” he muttered to himself. “Excuse me.” And he was gone before Jenny could ask another question.

Jenny stared at the empty space he had left for a few seconds. “I wonder what that means. Oh God, please don’t let that odious woman come back into his life.” She then turned her head to look for her mobile phone. “Time to call Uncle Andy and ask him about this,” she sighed.


Part 12
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