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When Peter Capaldi talked about The Pilot on The Graham Norton Show the other night, he mentioned that his relationship with Bill Potts is very much an "Educating Rita" one.

Now, I hadn't even thought about the cross-cultural problems with that, until I saw this post on tumblr:

tumblr ignorance 14042017

Ooooh dear.....

The thing is, the implication was NOT that Bill couldn't afford to go to university, but rather she didn't have the necessary qualifications to go (hence Educating Rita; which was about the revelations encountered by an Open University student - an establishment for older students with the motivation but not necessarily the initial qualifications, charged at a very reasonable price). IF Bill had had the qualifications but not the money, there is always a way, and a student loan (or sometimes a grant), to allow you to go through the university process.

Apart from the obvious Clara-tinted glasses this person sees the DW world through (an aspect I certainly don't share), I want to rant about their total ignorance of our education system. ARGH!!!

My middle son grumbled that the writers had obviously never attended a physics lecture. I had to agree with him. The nearest thing I've ever attended that was close to it was a history lecture. But I fear we in Britain are no longer the target audience. And it saddens me deeply to say that.

In other news, The Sun strikes again with a news article. No mention on the BBC yet, but no doubt we shall soon find out the truth about that one.
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