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Title: Gallifrey Productions (8/10?)
Author: [ profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna, Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), Jenny Smith, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2654
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
A/N: I’m tempted to say that I’m posting this because my bum is numb from sitting on a hospital visitors’ chair all weekend, but it isn’t much of an excuse.
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Part 8

manip by [ profile] develish1, especially to bribe me into writing

Donna cowered in the water, trying desperately not to be seen by John. At least, not yet. She still had plenty to consider after the shock of seeing him strip off by the side of the pool; and she’d rather do it while remaining anonymous, thank you very much.

Anyway… she thought with a sigh. The upshot of all this was that not only was it her boss standing there considering entering the swimming pool, but also this sexy Adonis. Yes: John Smith. Adonis. He needed to come with a health warning, he was that hot. Well, in her eyes he was.

Who would have thought?!

Certainly not her, that was for sure. And she tried to dip lower in the water as the thought threatened to overwhelm her.

Thank goodness John slowly walked into the pool water via the steps at the shallow end, because it stopped her looking at his long hairy lean legs that led up to a very interesting package… I mean… body. All muscly and begging to be touched.

Naturally he had noticed her treading water in the same spot near the man-made waterfall. The pink horror of a hat was a dead giveaway. With the practised ease of a catwalk model, he raised his arm and removed his sunglasses. “Hello Donna. Fancy seeing you here,” he pleasantly remarked. Thank god she had taken the bait.

“Yeah,” she pathetically responded and then swallowed to try and regain moisture in her suddenly dry mouth. What must he think? “I erm… I thought I’d come and have a swim before breakfast.”

He nodded his approval. “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

“Absolutely lovely,” she answered, trying to wrench her gaze away from his chest and that smattering of dark hair that enticingly covered his muscles. “Irresistible once I knew it was here.”

To her consternation, he then lowered his body and swan towards her, almost gliding along the surface.

“What’s the deal with the hat?” he asked once he reached her, pointing at her head with a wet hand.

“Hat?” she feebly queried before she realised what he was going on about. “Oh, the hat. It’s my mum’s. I accidentally brought hers instead of my own. Need to keep my hair dry, you see.”

He had edged closer, causing her to stumble over her words a bit. Not that his bare nearness was affecting her or anything.

“Nothing wrong with getting your hair wet,” he commented, and bobbed his head under the water in demonstration; using the action to push himself forward. “It’s part of the fun.”

No, he does not look adorable all wet and big eyes
, she chided herself. “It isn’t if your hair is on a mission to turn into corkscrews at the first chance it gets,” she retorted. “It takes ages to straighten all that out.”

His eyes rose longingly to her hat. “I’d love to see you with curly hair,” he mused.

“Maybe I can provide that one day,” she heard herself say, much to her internal disgust. What are you doing promising that?!! “Anyway, it’s time I got back to my room. We have a long day ahead for me to get ready for.”

She had to get away from him or she was liable to do something really stupid. Okay, there was a list of things she’d like to do.

“Wait!” he cried as she eased away towards the steps. He followed and caught hold of her shoulders as she got to the part of the pool where it was possible to stand with the water at waist height. “You don’t have to leave on my account. Stay and have some fun with me,” he offered. “What do you say?”

Not bloody likely! She daren’t stay, she really shouldn’t. If she did, she was liable to grab him and offer an experience not many men would refuse. She knew a couple of women who might have been interested too.

“No, I can’t. Sorry. Another time, maybe,” she tried to console him, knowing that if he begged, she’d cave in.

“Okay,” he reluctantly replied. “But first, before you go, can I see you without that monstrosity?”

As she opened her mouth to query what exactly was the monstrosity, his hand rose from her shoulder and tugged off the swimming cap, letting her long ginger hair cascade down onto her shoulders.

Oh yes, she thought, as he gawped at her. The power of the hair. Works best with a crash helmet, according to the telly, but this was workable.

“I’ll see you later, mister,” she practically purred at him, and turned to do her best sashay out of the pool, swinging her hips to show off her figure.

Her focus was on making a dramatic exit so she hadn’t been aware of him following at a fast rate of knots. All she was aware of was when he spun her around and into his arms, stopping when their noses were merely millimetres apart.

“Forgive me,” he whispered, right before he edged closer still, near enough to feel his puffs of breath on her cheeks.

It was also near enough to feel other parts of his body.

Kiss me. “Nothing to forgive,” she huskily murmured. “Unless you don’t do it, of course.”

That was the signal that gave him permission to carry out the next action of meeting her lips with his own. Except he hadn’t needed to seek her consent in the end, because she had given in to her own impulse and wrapped her arms around his neck to drag him down to meet her mouth.

Ooooh yes, he internally groaned; although it might have been externally too. He didn’t care in that moment. Time tried to stand still as they memorised every sense and touch; moving with soft presses and tender sweeps. The kiss was everything they could have wished for. A sweet, succulent kiss that was over far too quickly.

Breaking for a breath, both of them were visibly stunned before realisation set in and he gallantly pushed her away.

What had he done?! Everything’s ruined! “I am so sorry,” he blustered, gradually releasing his hold of her body. “I don’t know what came over me. I don’t usually act like that, forcing myself upon a beautiful woman.”

Didn’t manage it this time either, an inner voice sniped. Instead of saying it out loud, she held up a hand to stop his apologetic tirade. “It doesn’t matter, honest it doesn’t. We’ve all done it, got caught up in the moment. I’ll leave you to deal with that…” She glanced down meaningfully. “…and I’ll meet you for breakfast, as planned.”

“So, we’re erm…. we’re okay, me and you?” he cautiously wondered.

“Yeah,” she answered. “We’re fine. See you later.”

Having uttered that, she kept her attention on donning her hotel robe and slippers, placing the towel around her neck before walking away; wiggle included.

Still got it, both of them coincidentally thought.


“Good morning, campers,” Andy cheerily greeted them at their breakfast table. “Did we sleep well?”

“You really don’t have to ask my permission to do that,” Donna joked, and gained the answering smirk she wanted. “But just for the sake of conversation, I slept well, thanks.”

“Good to hear. May I say how lovely you look this morning? Your hair is quite fetching, being slightly curled like that,” he continued to compliment her, adjusting his place setting to just how he liked it. “Did you do anything special to it?”

“Merely got it a bit wet,” she answered, briefly glancing towards a guilty John, “quite by accident, but it’s dried out like this and I didn’t have time to use the straighteners.”

“Can’t say that I’m disappointed.” The waitress turned up to bring him a pot of tea, so he fiddled about with it for a moment, stirring the contents to quicken the brewing process. “You’re quiet this morning, John,” he noted. “Is everything alright?”

“I erm…,” John distractedly replied, and toyed with the napkin by his butter plate. “I’m fine. Just thinking about those servos we need to replace.”

Contemplating the mood at the table, Andy poured himself out a cup of tea. “So I didn’t interrupt a heart to heart conversation between you two when I turned up? Feel free to tell me.”

As Donna said “No,” John responded, “What would we need to have such a conversation together for?”

He merely raised his eyebrows briefly. “If I need to tell you then you are in serious trouble,” Andy commented. “Or in denial. I suppose that could be said.”

“Perhaps we were discussing you,” Donna proposed. “I could have been saying all sorts of things.”

“Ooh, like what?” he leaned towards her to ask. “Go on; tell me how gorgeous you find me.”

“Well,” she began, “I’d obviously start with your naturally modest personality.” He nodded. “And then I’d continue with all the self-deprecating stuff you spout.”

“Don’t encourage him,” John begged as Andy laughed with delight. “You’ll never get rid of him now. He’ll follow you about like a devoted puppy.”

So of course Andy fluttered his eyes at her and then stuck his tongue out to pant in mock eager puppy style. “I have many winning qualities.”

“I’m beginning to realise that,” she laughed.

She was not ready for what he did next.

“Okay, that’s me dealt with,” he stated decisively. “Now on to John. How would you describe his qualities.”

The sod! She glared at Andy for putting her on the spot, before tentatively turning her gaze on to John, who was trying not to show his interest in her answer. “Naturally, as my temporary boss, I find John to be all things lovely and delightful,” she cautiously replied.

“No.” Andy shook his head at her. “I don’t want the fawning version, thank you very much. We know your job is safe for the time being, so be honest. Tell me he isn’t as gorgeous as me.”

That gave her leeway to lark about again and skim around her true feelings. “Alright. John is at first sight a snarling bear when really he is a sweetheart. But don’t tell him I said that.”

“Oi! I am sitting here,” John pretended to gripe. “Very well said, Donna. Yes, you may keep your job. Which brings me nicely onto a pressing matter.”

“Oh?” she questioned; and caught Andy trying desperately not to look at her as he drank the last dregs of his tea although there was an air of suppressed glee about him. “What’s going on?”

“The thing is,” John started to say, partially reaching out across the tablecloth towards her, “we have been talking amongst ourselves and we have been impressed with your work so far. You’ve quickly become a boon to us; so we would like to offer you a more permanent position.”

With you. Please make it with you, her heart instantly begged to be told. But she knew he would want his normal secretary back with him, so she steeled herself to hear where exactly in the company she would end up. At least it was an offer though. Not many of them genuinely came her way.

“What department would I be working?” she asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Andy wondered.

Both men chuckled when she shook her head to denote that it wasn’t.

“We want you to carry on doing this; organising us on location visits. It will mean a lot of living out of a suitcase but it would utilise your temping skills perfectly,” John supplied. “We thought you could offer us your services as a freelance consultant. That way you’d be free to choose your own employment status and conditions. So what do you say? Do you fancy giving us a proper go?”

If there was a TV camera on us this is the point at which I’d look into it
, she thought. “Yeah, why not,” she tried to nonchalantly say.

“A toast, to working with us,” Andy proposed, picking up his glass of orange juice.

“To us!” And all three clinked glasses, followed by a sip in celebration.

“We will celebrate in style tonight,” John promised.

I’m doomed, totally doomed, to spend my life without him properly. “Tonight,” she echoed. “I can hardly wait.”


Their breakfast meeting with the main members of the production team at Cherrywood Films went quite well, ironing out several issues, and promises were made to make certain things happen in the near future.

Having resolved a problem or two, the Smith brothers could happily return to devising a brand new alien to be included in the film shoot.

As they sat eating their hastily gathered lunch in a different workshop, taking a much needed breather after all their frantic activity, Donna thought to point out, “You take rather a lot of consideration when you create an alien, don’t you?”

“Doesn’t everyone take pride in their work?” John modestly dismissed her praise.

“No, that isn’t what I meant,” she clarified. “I mean, you really care how people perceive each creature, that it isn’t just a sort of puppet but a plausible being.”

“Well,” he allowed with a nod of his head, “we want people to see them as real rather than caricatures. It’s far too easy to do that. And we have a great deal of respect for other species.”

“You talk as though they aren’t make-believe,” Donna commented, now intrigued. “Does that mean you believe aliens actually exist?”

Both John and Andy froze.

“Logic says that they do,” Andy carefully said. “All our creations are based on living creatures we have seen.”

“I suppose so,” Donna thoughtfully replied. “And there are some really weird animals that live in the hidden depths of the oceans. Far too many variations for us to dismiss or still discover.”

Relief spread on the Smiths’ faces.

“Very true,” John agreed. “Who knows what new species will be discovered in the future.”

“I merely take a little bit of this and a little bit of that in my creature designs,” Andy informed her, dancing about in demonstration. “Do you like this one?” He pointed to his latest creation sitting on the workbench.

It was a round, squat, pale little being.

“I do,” she assured him. “It’s cute. What did you decide you were calling it?”

“An Adipose. A creature made almost entirely of fat.” He picked it up and held the small creature lovingly on the palm of his hand. “Now the popular misconception is that all aliens are evil, but this one is one of the good guys.”

She peered closer. “In what way?”

“It feeds on unwanted human body fat,” he announced.

Her smile brightened. “I could use one of them as a pet.”

Andy gasped in horror. “Oh no, we don’t approve of caging any alien you happen to find.”

John added his agreement. “That would be unthinkable.”

“So you want to let them roam free on their home planet?” Donna considered.

“Yes, that sort of thing is ideal,” Andy replied. “They are only here having a look around, finding out information about us in much the same way we’d go to somewhere else like, say, Mars.”

“But there’s only that poor lonely Mars Rover on Mars,” Donna remembered. “The one that apparently sings itself ‘Happy birthday’. It makes me think of Wall-E.”

Her bottom lip pouted in sympathy so Andy nudged John. “Do you feel sorry for Wall-E?” he wondered.

“How could you not?” she demanded. “All those emotions of his, going to waste as he dreams of fulfilling his fantasy. Finding love, someone to dance with and share the things he likes. It’s very relatable, you must admit.”

Andy looked straight at John. “No, I can’t say that I know what you mean. What do you think, John-E?”

“Oi!” They all laughed when John did a perfect impersonation by clutching his hands together, lowering his brows and sighing, “Ohhhh.”


Part 9
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