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Title: Gallifrey Productions
Author: [ profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna, Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), Jenny Smith, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2649
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
A/N: sorry for the unexpected delay in updating but this week has been emotionally exhausting which paired up with migraines is not a happy mix.
Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Part 6

Nothing but panic flashed through John’s mind. He couldn’t be giving out the impression he was in love, could he? He could not! I mean, in love with Donna? Pft! The very idea... Why, it went completely against the grain to fall in love with an employee.

“Don’t talk daft,” John chided his brother. “Desperately in love,” he scoffed. “Of course that isn’t the case. Plus, it would be totally wrong to contemplate anything at all with Donna; you know that.”

“Do I?” Andy verbally prodded. “You’ve just been balling me out for having that very notion. Who’s to say that she isn’t the love of my love and we end up happily ever after.”

“Because,” John blustered, now trying desperately to think of any answer that would stop this latest madness, “she is unsuitable for you.” His mind trailed through a mental list of the various attributes of Andy’s previous girlfriends. “It would be completely out of the question for you to even consider her. She is much older than normal, not even remotely stick thin, and to top it all, she is ginger.”

Oh shit! Andy groaned in horror as Donna walked passed the window at that precise moment, heading for the nearest door. She was bound to have heard that last bit.

Yes, she had; and she paused outside before entering the workshop in order to regain her composure. So John didn’t like her physically, eh? Well sod him! She could justify biasedness due to the company’s fraternisation policy but what had just been spouted from his mouth was out and out prejudice.

John had caught Andy’s frustrated gaze and only then noticed Donna walking by the trailer window. Oh for the love of God, no! Why was the universe hell bent on embarrassing him? And at the cost of losing any good favour he was held in. This could not be borne.

Rushing to the door to try and make amends, he quickly greeted her with cheery words, “Hello Donna. Do you want some help with those drinks?”

She shoved the small cardboard tray she’d been carrying into his hands and stormed into the trailer once he had stepped politely out of the way. “Thanks. Obviously, losing my Zimmer frame on the way made things a bit awkward for a moment or two. I got you both an almond croissant to go with your coffee. I hope that was alright.”

“That’s lovely. Thank you,” Andy gushed whilst shooting his brother daggered looks behind her back. “Didn’t you get yourself something to eat?”

Nothing would have made her admit she had already snagged a bun and eaten it on the way back. Instead, she strained out, “I can’t risk eating stuff like that as I apparently need to lose a lot of weight.”

“You’re fine as you are,” Andy protested. “Don’t you think so, John?” Don’t balls this up; please don’t. And make her feel better, you stupid arse.

“Of course,” John hesitantly answered; causing Andy to want to kick him. “You are…” The words ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘stunning’, ‘voluptuous’ and ‘tempting’ all flittered through his mind and were quickly dismissed as inappropriate in this situation. He gulped nervously. “… just right as you are,” he landed on.

Andy almost smacked a hand onto his forehead in disbelief. “Well I think you are superb,” he insisted.

He was saying what?! She gawped at him. “What’s going on? Is there a camera in here filming a prank, or have I stepped into the Twilight Zone?”

“Just trying to say the truth, Donna,” Andy tried to appease her; but he knew it wouldn’t work as soon as the words left his mouth.

Using an irate digit, she pointed at him. “You. Me. Outside. NOW.”


“Now,” she repeated, leaving no room for negotiations. You’d better follow me, she thought as she stormed out.

Andy shrugged at his brother and slowly followed her out of the workshop. He soon had to quicken his pace.

She had stomped almost all the way over to the car park before he managed to catch her up.

“Look, I can explain,” he began when she halted to frown at him.

“Oh this I have got to hear,” she raged, “because I have plenty of questions at the ready.”

“I bet you do,” he half muttered under his breath. “Let’s start at the beginning. The kiss; I meant that before you try and deny that I did. But… and there is a ‘but’… I realise that we can’t be an item at the moment, if ever at all.”

The glare she threw him almost squashed him into the ground. “Can’t?” she echoed in question.

“When I say ‘can’t’, I have to agree with John that it would be foolish to push things forward between us while you are working for us,” he quickly stated. “That is why I am going to suggest that we wait a while, to see if this attraction between us is more than a passing fancy.”

“That has to be the most convoluted, round the houses way of being dumped that I have ever had the misfortune to be on the end of,” she seethed. “Did you also forget to run it passed your mother yet? Seeing as she holds so much sway over your life.”

“Now that is unfair,” he protested. “I’m trying to do the greater good here.”

“So the world will end if you follow up the promise that kissing me made? Now I’ve heard it all.” She rolled her eyes in exasperation; and threw up her hands in defeat. “Let’s just forget the whole thing. I got the message, loud and clear: I am only good enough to run your lives at work but not be anything else.”

“Where did you get that idea?!” he demanded.

“From that little conversation I’ve just overheard,” she supplied. “It made it crystal clear how both of you feel. Do you want to know what really makes me mad right now? My mother said that you two were only using me for practice, and do you know what, she was bloody right! I cannot believe how messed up that is.”

“Donna,” he called after her as she tried to walk as far away from him as possible. “Please don’t go.”

“Follow me and I shall slap you so hard you’ll end up in next week, eating hospital food,” she threatened him. “Keep well away from me.”


She raised her hand to demonstrate that her threat wasn’t an idle one. “Just stop playing silly buggers.”

If he lost her now, he’d never hear the end of it or be able to forgive himself. “We need you,” he pathetically appealed to her. “Please.”

It seemed to calm her anger down a little. She still had a job to do; one that she actually liked, and she wasn’t going to let him or his brother mess that up any further. So what if she fancied them? It didn’t matter. It wouldn’t stop her working and making the most of this gig. They didn’t fancy her back so that made life easier. There couldn’t be any complications to get in the way and she was used to unrequited love. As for Andy kissing her, it was merely a curiosity thing, obviously. She could justify it like that. And now that her own curiosity had been satisfied, she could get back to the more serious business of earning some decent money for a change.

One supportive little voice in her head whispered, he couldn’t help it if you are so alluring he had to kiss you. Men are just made that way.

Not that she completely believed the voice, but she liked the sentiment. She liked it rather a lot. Her as some sort of Siren was rather hard to believe though. The kiss had merely been a bit of flirting that had accidentally gone too far. She knew that now. It didn’t help that she had wanted that kiss, but there you go. Case closed.

Huffing slightly, she informed Andy, “I’ll be back once I’ve finished my coffee break.”

He nodded in agreement, knowing it was the best outcome he could hope for in the circumstances. At least she hadn’t demanded to go home. “See you later,” he cried in her wake. Please come back and let me apologise properly.

Despondently, he turned and trudged back to the mobile workshop with several questions running through his head. Why had he kissed her? Why had he prodded his brother into reacting like that? Why couldn’t he just keep his big mouth shut? All he’d done was try to make a sacrifice for his brother’s sake and ended up making things worse.

He had completely blown things with her if John wasn’t interested enough to follow through. Shit shit shit!


Andy’s demeanour told John everything he needed to know about his budding relationship going pear-shaped. It didn’t merit any more words said to him in anger, so John had given his brother a consoling pat on the shoulder and they’d carried on sorting out the animatronic as a well-oiled team in their customary style. They were famous for it.

By the time Donna later returned to the workshop, they were deeply involved in their task and barely noticed her returned. Or so they pretended. It was best that way. Let the whole incident blow over.

Grateful that they hadn’t brought up her earlier shame, Donna returned to her emails, sorting out the following week’s tasks and plans.

She could do this, she told herself, be in the same room and not act as though it mattered. One more month to go and she would then be working somewhere else entirely, looking back on this job with some nostalgia.

It had taken donning a cloak of indifference to walk back into the workshop as though nothing had happened, picked up the task sheet, and logged into her computer. And all without looking at either of them. That has been the hardest part.

Even then, she was aware of John motioning to Andy. “What’s going on?” he silently worded.

“You can talk directly to me, you know,” Donna casually announced. “At this rate you’ll be passing each other hastily scribbled notes.”

“Sorry Donna,” John carefully worded. “Are you okay?”

“Fine, thanks,” she breezily declared. “Working away like the good employee I am.” She looked up to find John standing over her, concern written all over his face. “Honestly, I’m fine, so you can stop worrying.”

He shrugged to acknowledge his acceptance of her words. “I erm… I was thinking of trying somewhere different for dinner tonight. Do you fancy Italian?” he hesitantly offered.

“Yeah, why not,” she replied; thinking how sweet he looked standing there offering her the best consolation he could think of. Even if it implied he was trying to fatten her up and completely place her outside the realms of being considered in a romantic way.

He beamed back. “Good. There’s a place just down the high street. I thought it looked interesting.”

“A bit posh,” she commented, remembering having seen the place.

Then again, everything he had offered her so far was a bit posh. He tended to like things that way. Probably the true reason why he discriminated against her, now that she thought about it.

“A chance for you to dress up a little bit,” he considered. “You can wear your finest.”

She laughed. “You really don’t have to pretend it’s for my benefit, you know. If you’ve seen a nice waitress you fancy, then point her out and I’ll help you talk to her.”

“Oh I don’t…,” John immediately spluttered in denial.

“If he’s sitting at a restaurant table it wouldn’t be the waitress who catches his eye,” Andy confidently announced.

“Got a thing for the chef instead, has he?” Donna teased.

“Not really,” Andy laughed. “Our John would rather entertain someone completely different.”

“Do you mind?!” John grouched. “I’m trying to arrange dinner tonight, and all you two can do is mess about.”

It was good to play like this with them again; it was what she had been missing.


Now that Donna had talked some sense into herself, with the aid of a bathroom mirror, and gotten over the thought Andy could genuinely fancy her, she was able to relax more with the two Smiths and just enjoy any crumb of flirtation sent in her direction. Yes, she may still want to grab them by the lapels, drag them close, and snog the living daylights out of them, but it wasn’t going to happen. Not without a heavy dosage of alcohol and Christmas cheer. Instead, she was able to sit back and wallow in her unrequited feelings; let all that happiness wash over her for a while. It was harmless fun as long as she stopped herself acting upon it.

In light of that, the Italian meal went quite well. If she’d have believed their attentions were sincere it would have come across as quite a romantic meal. It had all the trappings of one. And both Andy and John seemed hell-bent on giving her small compliments and winning smiles. All false, of course. They were merely trying to cheer her up after that dismissive conversation she had overheard in the workshop. At least they cared enough about her friendship to attempt to make it up to her for any emotional damage they might had caused.

Plus, it was rather nice being the centre of their attention. After a glass or two of rather excellent Italian wine, she could easily pretend they’d had romantic intentions for choosing a place with crisp white tablecloths, crystal glasses, silver cutlery and pretty flower arrangements in small vases on the tables. All in all, it was impressively romantic; and the nearest she would ever get to the real thing.

When Andy nipped off to use the loo after the main course, she was left all alone with John, and felt it best if she kept to work subjects. In particular, the accommodation she had arranged for them to use the following week.

“You’ve stayed at the Old Lion Hotel before. What’s it like? Is there anything to do there that’s interesting?” she asked conversationally.

“Lots of rolling countryside, peace and quiet. A great place to get away from it all.” When she didn’t look suitably impressed, he desperately thought through the list of amenities he knew it had. “Ah, I know what you’d like since you said you’ve been diving in the past,” he purred, leaning in towards her. “They have a beautiful indoor swimming pool you’d adore. You must try it out.”

“A pool,” she repeated, liking the idea a great deal. “Might take my cossie in that case. Haven’t swum in ages.”

“Why not make it a skimpy bikini,” he suggested, loving the mental image it conjured up. “Or better still, go skinny dipping.”

She jovially laughed. “Cheeky sod! Skinny dipping is definitely not on the cards. Nor is a bikini for that matter. You’ve obviously drank too much. Me, in a bikini, indeed,” she scoffed. “As if.”

“No no no no,” he protested. “Honest, you’d look good in one.” Fantastic and sexy.

“No way would I ever let anyone see me in just three small triangles of fabric,” she insisted. “God forbid. Wouldn’t be fair on your eyesight.”

“I assure you my eyesight would be fine.” The rest of him would be rather willing to get a look in too. “I shall have to use my powers of persuasion on you because that pool is definitely worth visiting.”

“Good luck with that one, mate,” she dismissively commented.

But her thoughts rather liked the idea of getting the chance to swim again. Especially if it was in a modest one-piece swimming costume rather than the fantasy model he was suggesting.

Part 7

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