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Do you ever get random filthy song lyrics pop in to your head?

I just got:

"Just let the Time Lord go down on me
(Just let him run)
To wander free..."
- sorry Elton John

Not sure I can blame it on this migraine I'm having at the moment.
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I missed my two thousandth post before Christmas so....
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Sorry to bring in an element of personal boasting, but I have finished an Open University online course about the various types of dementia.

This is a very personal achievement (one where I have regained an important part of my life), and I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself.

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Last week I read the latest Ten/Donna book, "In The Blood" by Jenny T. Colgan, but I've only just gained the usage of a usable laptop so I just had to come and share some quotes with you that grabbed my D/D heart.

Donna and the TARDIS )

their relationship... Awwww! )

Donna blinked. Then she realised. 'So I'm the guinea pig.'

'Yeah.' He grinned. 'And a lot else'
She smiled back at him. 'Hey,' she said. 'You know, I just realised that I am in fact so awesome, a completely emotionless man fell for me. A man with no capacity for love.'
'Well, maybe you're quite something, Donna Noble.'
Page 317-8
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Nov. 13th, 2014 01:04 pm
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You can now raise money to beat cancer just by shopping online. Its simple and doesn’t cost you a penny.

We’ve developed a brand new tool called GiveasyTM, which you can download to your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

When you make a purchase online, the store you are buying from makes a donation to Cancer Research UK on your behalf to help fund life-saving research.

From M&S to Amazon, there’s over 1,400 participating retailers that have signed up to GiveasyTM, so youll know youre helping to beat cancer sooner when you shop online this Christmas.

Best wishes and happy shopping!

The Cancer Research UK Team
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home... home on the range-bed... )
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Hello everyone!

I'm having to do this general announcement because the Internet connection where I am is extremely limited, in that I've had to commandeer a seat in the hotel lobby to get any access at all, and what I've got is shit utter rubbish.

But I need to say a massive THANK YOU for all the gifts and messages I have received today. I have been deeply touched by your kind thoughts.

I'll be home Saturday night/Sunday morning, so I shall have to leave proper personal thanks until then.

*blows you all kisses*

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Some really creepy questions:
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Fancy helping out with a university video project?

If so, all you have to do is go and have a look at this webpage, view the very brief video and leave a comment in their Ask box
[or via me, if that seems daunting]

All feedback will be gratefully accepted.
Posted on behalf of interminatis-paradoxum

Thank you in anticipation. :)
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OMG!!! I was so excited when I saw this was the Eighth Doctor!!!

Here it is in case you've missed it:

This is SO exciting!!!


Sep. 26th, 2013 11:15 pm
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I wanted to apologise for not answering comments/messages until this evening; and for not updating my latest piece of fanfiction.
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It's my long-suffering husband's birthday today, and as usual I had a problem finding a card that expressed my sentiments.
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advice from two successful authors )
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I saw this as part of a post on tumblr today:

·         Men in particular have a tendency to stroke or rub the nape of the neck when they are upset. It acts as a self-soothing gesture to deal with “A pain in the neck”

I am not completely convinced because... )
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A while ago there was meme going around that asked what song you'd choose for your funeral. This was my choice:
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It's fair to say I am shamelessly pimping this out, but then I AM making a huge personal effort for this.

Two weeks from today I will be taking part in an event for

shamelessly begging on behalf of a charity )

Oh I Say!

Apr. 18th, 2013 05:23 pm
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I found this today and thought I'd add this to The Office of the (Possibly) Glaringly Obvious; so please feel free to tell me which ones you didn't know.
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Signal Boosting [ profile] fannishliss's post: Commenting

I've seen so many friends sad about the lack of commenting in recent times, so this is my thought. I think we should all try to renew our commitment to commenting. If we read something, or enjoying viewing something, it's really easy to take the time to post a comment.

In my opinion, even a :D is a lovely comment to receive -- someone enjoyed your work, and it's rewarding to hear that.

It's so sad and such a let down to pour hours of work into a piece and hear nothing back about it. So please, make the commitment with me to comment more often. It doesn't have to be a comment of deep and insightful analysis. It can be about lolz, or the feeling of contentment at a happy ending, or appreciation for a beautiful image. You might even go a step further toward reading pairings, or even fandoms, that don't normally appeal, when someone on your flist is trying something new. It's hard as fandoms constantly change, and some fandoms die away, while new ones emerge.

I think we'd all be happier if we made this commitment -- just take one minute to leave whatever reaction the fanwork left you with. It's the only form of payment allowed for the enjoyment fanworks give us, and it's so much more valuable than money.

To misquote Led Zeppelin "I live for my dreams, not a pocketful of gold."

Take the pledge! Bring commenting culture back online! Spread the love!! :D

Originally posted HERE.


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