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Do you ever get random filthy song lyrics pop in to your head?

I just got:

"Just let the Time Lord go down on me
(Just let him run)
To wander free..."
- sorry Elton John

Not sure I can blame it on this migraine I'm having at the moment.
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Yes, I'm pimping out [ profile] bad_wolf_rising's annual ficathon.

Anyone can enter; as long as they write a story containing John Barrowman, Christopher Eccleston, John Simm and/or David Tennant in some form or other.

Rules and prompts can be found HERE.
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Title: Wasteland Want Not
Recipient: DonnaDianaNobleWayne
Author: [ profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Ten/Donna, Master
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1837
Prompt: the Doctor gets jealous/possessive with Donna
Summary: post-JE and EoT Donna is not initially pleased when she catches up with the Doctor.
Disclaimer: I might have borrowed these characters for a while but they are definitely not mine.
A/N: written as a very belated birthday present for DonnaDianaNobleWayne. I really hope she likes it. At least I'm in time to say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

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