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Do you ever get random filthy song lyrics pop in to your head?

I just got:

"Just let the Time Lord go down on me
(Just let him run)
To wander free..."
- sorry Elton John

Not sure I can blame it on this migraine I'm having at the moment.
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For any casual readers stumbling across this and the thankful few who bother to look at my blog, something happened today that might delay my updates of my fanfiction.

My youngest son has been diagnosed with cancer - Hodgekin's lymphoma - and his chemo treatment will start the end of next week. The good news is that he is young, fit, and it is very treatable; but of course I worry a great deal about him having to go through it.
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*kicks BT*

Jun. 28th, 2015 01:03 pm
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My email provider recently changed their system of displaying your emails, and they do this really weird thing of stacking similar subject lines which doesn't take you to the latest one when you click on it.

Anyway, it's bloody annoying!!!

And not only that but it means you don't always see everything. Which means that I've only just discovered that I've had a load of notifications for stuff that I didn't know I'd had!


Yes, I know I've been distracted elsewhere but I am NOT that ignorant; so please accept my apologies while I retrain my brain to not trust my emails but look at my LJ inbox instead.

Popping By

Apr. 13th, 2015 09:37 am
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I'm just letting you know

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personal update that can easily be ignored )
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I have some momentary Internet access so I thought I'd come and say "hello" while I can.

We're in Berlin; in a hotel reasonably close to the zoo, although I only got as far as the Tiergardens before I was completely knackered. Considering this was meant to be a shopping trip I have failed miserably because all I've paid for is food. Oh well.

So far the weather has been beautifully sunny and almost cold enough to snow. P-d-i-l wants it to snow, desperately, but hubby and my sons aren't so keen.

And yes I'm posting this just to prove I was here... So sue me.
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We were woken by magpies at 5am this morning. 5am! The little sods.

Now singing I'm fine with. Birds can do that as much as they like. But these magpies were tap dancing on the windowsill, wearing what sounded like hobnail boots. Then to add insult to injury they started to bang on the glass (come to think of it, other types of banging might have been going on too. I'll have to ask David Attenborough if I ever get the chance).

Hubby leapt out of bed to rap on the window pane to get them to bugger off. Not exactly a great sight before your morning cornflakes for most, but fortunately I had my eyes shut in denial.

So all in all, I've had the grand total of five and a half hours of sleep; not all of it due to insomnia. Just leave me here while I try to catch up on life.... Zzzzzz
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We're watching a programme called Secret Eaters, where they film people secretly eating when they claim they don't.

Anyway, there was footage of a bloke scoffing in his car and hubby suddenly asked me if I secretly do that.

"No, I never secretly eat. You know what I do," I claimed

"But you secretly look at David Tennant websites," he gleefully accused me.

"That's drooling, not eating," I defended myself.

He laughed quite a lot.
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I have just finished finally watching "Song For Marion", having sobbed the whole way through; but in a good way, a really good cathartic sort of way.

And it flashed up on my iPad from BBC News that Clarissa Dickson Wright died at the weekend. I may have lost it for a little while... :( I'd blame it on being back in bed with yet another migraine but I don't think I will.
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Go and see this Benedict Cumberbatch short film called INSEPARABLE
It's only 11 minutes long, but it is fabulous!! So treat yourself

That is all....

*goes back to working my way towards actually getting dressed*
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I suppose that I ought to explain why my absence has continued recently. It seems that I've sunk into a bit of a depressive phase where I'm not writing much at all. Sorry.
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This describes a lot right now...

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Wishing you all a very


If I stop feeling like crap for long enough I'll post the Valentine smut story I almost have ready. :D
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Some really creepy questions:
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