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Nov. 13th, 2014 01:04 pm
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You can now raise money to beat cancer just by shopping online. Its simple and doesn’t cost you a penny.

We’ve developed a brand new tool called GiveasyTM, which you can download to your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

When you make a purchase online, the store you are buying from makes a donation to Cancer Research UK on your behalf to help fund life-saving research.

From M&S to Amazon, there’s over 1,400 participating retailers that have signed up to GiveasyTM, so youll know youre helping to beat cancer sooner when you shop online this Christmas.

Best wishes and happy shopping!

The Cancer Research UK Team
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I did it!! I took part in the Race For Life and completed the 5km with the massive help of two of my lovely cousins. Let's just say that I could have easily given up after 1km, had to sit and watch the ducks for a couple of minutes after 2km, but managed to drag myself to the end. I even have a medal to prove it!

We were urged on all the way round by some lovely Americans from RAF Mildenhall, warmly greeted by Heart FM and local cadets with refreshments; and rained on by sudden short sharp bursts. All in all, it was a great day, but I am SO glad it's over.
BTW, should you still feel inclined to donate anything, please go HERE.

In other news, I saw this and thought it was very apt.

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It's fair to say I am shamelessly pimping this out, but then I AM making a huge personal effort for this.

Two weeks from today I will be taking part in an event for

shamelessly begging on behalf of a charity )
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I've done it! a personal update )
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I've done it! I've dragged myself out of bed and signed myself up to join my sister in the

Race for Life

The event takes place on 23rd June and I will be asking for sponsorship once I get my entry pack. If, however, you would prefer to make a donation instead, our donation website page can be found HERE.
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Hubby suddenly exclaimed as we watched Comic Relief last night:

"If David bloody Tennant suddenly starts driving trains, I am definitely getting a contract out on him!"


Just a hint of jealousy in that then, eh?

Poor David though... I'm sure he is totally uninterested in doing more than ride on a train.

Although he is more than welcome to join us when we ride on the Hogwarts Express this summer. (I just thought I'd put that invitation out there, like you do)


Mar. 14th, 2013 04:03 pm
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I can't decide who I'm more like in this video, Jennifer or Dawn.

BTW did anyone else see that they're doing a Vicar Of Dibley special with Damian Lewis?!!! Yum!
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And I just ordered my t shirt. YAY!!!

ETA: Bugger! The BBC won't let me share this video on here (it isn't an approved social networking site, would you believe).

So you can watch it here:

Baked Off

Jan. 23rd, 2013 03:36 pm
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a little bit of Catherine Tate for you & something extra )
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 Brighton Calling

and now the Brighton update )

Just heard the sad news about Amy Winehouse being found dead; it is horrible when someone doesn’t make it through their addiction.
At least she had a choice I suppose compared to those poor buggers shot down in Norway! How can you shoot 85 adolescents dead in cold blood like that, whilst pretending you are there to help them?

In 24 hours I have gone from jovially celebrating youthful ambition to mourning its loss. It reminds you how tragic life is; and how much you have to grab every second given to you.

My favourite quote at the moment is from Sanjeev: people may not remember what you said to them, or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel.


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