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For any casual readers stumbling across this and the thankful few who bother to look at my blog, something happened today that might delay my updates of my fanfiction.

My youngest son has been diagnosed with cancer - Hodgekin's lymphoma - and his chemo treatment will start the end of next week. The good news is that he is young, fit, and it is very treatable; but of course I worry a great deal about him having to go through it.


Jan. 27th, 2017 06:07 pm
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Is there an escape committee for her yet?
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I will be glad when this year is over )
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Last night we found out via Facebook that the cute little three year old we met on their first day at playschool, wearing a hat with a sunflower on it, who was in my youngest son's classes throughout infants and junior school, who became my little mate who followed me about, and later my pupil, died from birth complications days after she had lost her own baby.

This is so hard to cope with...

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Cute gif for Spring today

Okaayyyyy, I can post a picture as long as it isn't on my laptop.

Both Chrome and Firefox continually crash every time I try to do so.

*deep sigh*

Oh joy of joys....

Update: and now I can't even choose an icon!!!

*kicks Chrome*
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Most of the grieving online from yesterday has been for the actor who played Severus Snape, but for me (and a lot of British women) Alan Rickman caught my heart by being Jamie, who was the perfect man who died in "Truly Madly Deeply":

If you watch the whole thing make sure you have your box of tissues by your side as he manoeuvers his wife into getting over him (not many can do real snot like Juliet Stevenson can).

You can find the whole thing, with Spanish subtitles/closed captions, right HERE.
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a new personal low has been reached, yay! *waves pom poms of sarcasm* )
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Just to let you know, I haven't received any notifications from LJ since yesterday.

When I look via safari on my iPad I cannot do anything; I'm locked out with an annoying message about sending back email messages for at least a week (weird how I got them up until yesterday then, not that I'm calling them a liar but apparently their pants are on fire!); I need to validate my email; NO not THAT one! So I changed over to my gmail. Still get the same bloody message because there was no email sent with a validation link to confirm the change over.

Yadda yadda.

I'm back on my laptop, and guess what? It all works (except for the receiving notifications bit).

*deep sigh*

It's been one problem after another since LJ was bought by a Russian company. Oh well, time to dust off the dreamwidth account again....
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I was asked what I thought about The Magician’s Nephew Apprentice, so I reached deep into my inner sarcastic self (you do believe it is deep, don’t you?) and wrote this down.

huge spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it yet. Then again, you’re probably thinking ‘Well duh!’ )
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personal update that can easily be ignored )
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“To die would be a great adventure”
-Robin Williams in Hook

My son posted this on Facebook yesterday. I'm as devastated as you probably are that Robin's depression took him away from us.

The world will always be a sadder place now without him.
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How sad is the sudden death of Rik Mayall?!!!

I heard about it via the BBC News feed we have.
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Bob Hoskins died today at the age of 71 after retiring from acting two years ago when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

BBC News
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I have just finished finally watching "Song For Marion", having sobbed the whole way through; but in a good way, a really good cathartic sort of way.

And it flashed up on my iPad from BBC News that Clarissa Dickson Wright died at the weekend. I may have lost it for a little while... :( I'd blame it on being back in bed with yet another migraine but I don't think I will.
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Has anyone heard from [ profile] noteissignedlc at all?

I'm rather worried about her.
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I suppose that I ought to explain why my absence has continued recently. It seems that I've sunk into a bit of a depressive phase where I'm not writing much at all. Sorry.
a personal update, just to let you know...erm...stuff )
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I saw this on tumblr and thought I'd share it with you all:

Or find the picture here


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