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Title: Gallifrey Productions (5/8?)
Author: [ profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna, Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), Jenny Smith, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2437
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Part 5

The rest of Monday did not go so well. The alien model was not working properly; it looked as though it was breakdancing rather than moving effortlessly across the floor. John was not pleased, and spent most of the day in a foul mood that refused to be lifted until well after they had left the film set and headed for their hotel. It had taken all of Donna’s skills to keep things smooth between him and the onset technicians; a task which was partially helped by his anger being directed at himself rather than them. But it had been tricky there for a few hours.

She couldn’t wait for Andy to turn up and help him on the Tuesday. John really hadn’t been in the mood to share a meal with the producer at lunchtime. Shame that they had gone, in light of that. It had been a bit stilted at lunch; so they had opted to have their evening meal in the hotel restaurant when given the choice to have company or not.

At least them not going out for another meal with the producer or any crew meant that she hadn’t had to dress up fancy. But it did mean having to fill the awkward silences as John sat engrossed in his own thoughts. Never mind; she could cope.

“Did you remember to phone Jenny?” she asked John as a conversation opener at their dining table within the hotel restaurant.

Startled, he answered, “What? No, I didn’t.”

“Feel free to call her now, if you like. I don’t mind,” she offered.

“If you really don’t…?” he queried, bringing up his phone to use. “Then I’ll give her a quick call.”

It worked, because he instantly brightened when the call was answered.

“Hello darling. How are you? I’m fine. Just sitting eating dinner with Donna. She’s okay. Pardon! Oh, did you want to speak to her? Hang on…” He turned sheepishly to Donna. “She wants to talk to you.”

No, who’d have guessed, she sarcastically wanted to say. “Give it here then.” She amiably took the phone from his hand, trying not to note how soft his palm was as they briefly touched. “Hello Jenny. How are things? I’m fine but your dad isn’t happy. Oh, the usual, things aren’t going right so he’s being a little ray of sunshine, but no doubt your uncle will come and fix things tomorrow.”

“Oi!” John grumbled. “I heard that.”

She smiled whimsically at him, pleased that the ploy had worked and his mood had improved a great deal. Handing him back his phone, she took the opportunity to watch him end his call, noting how his lips moved, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, and the crinkles that lined his eyes when he smiled.

“Now who needs to take a picture?” he questioned her, causing an embarrassed flush to appear on her cheeks. “Or am I the only one who can get told off for staring?”

Ooh, he loved the startled look in her eyes; it meant he was affecting her.

“I wasn’t…,” she spluttered, and then thumped him on the arm. “I’m onto you, Sci-Fi boy! You think you are so clever.”

It was as he opened his mouth to suggest that they get someone to take a photo of them both that he realised he was falling into a trap. A ginger haired, voluptuously shaped trap that had him almost thoroughly ensnared. “Not always,” he quietly voiced, unable to wrench his gaze away from hers.

If she willed him enough, he’d lean in, Donna told herself. Failing that, she was liable to grab him by the collar and drag him close.

“Was your meal okay?” a passing waitress suddenly asked them.

It threw John completely out of his trance. “Yes, lovely, thank you.”

The waitress began to collect their used plates. “Will you and your wife be wanting anything else, sir?”

“A divorce lawyer at this rate,” Donna joked. “It’s okay, I’m not his wife.”

The woman looked horrified. “I am so sorry,” she blustered.

“It really is okay,” John assured her. “We work together, nothing more, and I’m not married so no harm done.”

Now deeply ashamed, the waitress practically ran away, leaving them peering at each other with mixed emotions. So near, for one second and yet so far.

“Time we retired for the night,” John suggested, beckoning to Donna to get up and leave the table with him.

Minutes later they were in the lift heading for their rooms. They exchanged banalities whilst trying not to mention what had just passed between them.

To do so would be stupid; and yet Donna suddenly felt a little daring once the doors opened and they were walking down the corridor, all alone. Blame it on the wine they had drunk.

“Weird how our fake relationship disappeared as quickly as it appeared,” she noted. “Both times in a crowded restaurant.”

“Donna,” he softly began as they halted outside her room, “I don’t know what to say. Perhaps in different circumstances…”

“Yeah, I know,” she acknowledged, averting her gaze by fiddling with the key card to open her door. You smug bastard. “Never mind, you’ll be free of me soon.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her moving away. “That’s not what I meant,” he insisted.

Her eyes lifted to his, in disbelief. “Oh yeah? ‘We work together, nothing more’,” she precisely quoted him. “Maybe you ought to remember that.”

As expected, his hand dropped away, freeing her to escape from his presence; and she swished into the room having bid him goodnight. What she didn’t know was that his hand had risen to knock on her door, to beg her to let him in; and yet he couldn’t do it.

What was wrong with him? Did he like playing with fire? Shit shit shit!


“Hello. How’s my favourite future sister-in-law enjoying her first jaunt out of the office?”

Donna turned slowly from her task, to see Andy sidling up to her side. “Hello. Not too bad, thanks. Good to see you and the beard again,” she replied. “And so full too.”

She eyed the thick hairy mass on his chin with delight. She was officially back on the Andy fancying train. Yippee!

“It grows pretty fast,” he admitted, rubbing a protective hand over his beard. “But it’s easier to cope with then shaving all the time like John does. He must be out to impress someone.”

Her heart clenched within her chest as a cold pit seemed to appear in her stomach. “Who do you think it might be?” she risked asking, hoping there’d be no definite answer.

Instead, Andy cheekily winked at her. “I don’t, love. Could be anyone. Even you.”

As if! She snorted her scorn. “I very much doubt it. I’m only a temp.”

Moving nearer, he briefly placed a hand on her arm. “Hey, don’t put yourself down like that,” he schmoozed. “A pretty woman like you will always be in with a chance.”

“Says you,” she disparaged.

So he leaned into her personal space to whisper, “I could show you right now, if you want. There’s bound to be an empty trailer somewhere we could commandeer for half an hour or so.”

“Yes, very funny,” she forced herself to mock him; but he carried on looking sincere with those puppy dog eyes of his. “What, are you for real?”

“As I said,” he carefully enunciated, causing goose bumps to form on her neck where his breath touched, “always. Just think about it.”

Surely he couldn’t mean it, she reasoned. “What about all this workplace romance ban of your brother’s, if I was tempted?”

He smirked. “Who said John needed to know? I’m sure we could be very discreet.”

Oh no! “No, I don’t like the idea of secrecy,” she insisted, shaking her head. “If a man is genuinely interested in me then he should be proud to be seen with me, not scuttling away like a frightened mouse. So you can stop this silly pretend flirting as soon as you like.”

“Oh Donna,” he sighed, moving closer still. “Flirting is something I don’t do lightly. I had rather hoped you’d realised that.”

She nervously laughed. “What, this is all serious and not you having a game with me?”

“I went against Mother’s express wishes to regrow this beard, just for you. If that isn’t serious, I don’t know what is.”

What kind of woman was this mother of theirs? Her fears instantly rose up for Jenny. “Surely not just for me,” she blustered, reasoning it out. “You did it because you look rather tasty with it. There must be a flock of women interested in you.”

“Perhaps,” he allowed. “It certainly gets me noticed and gains me better treatment.” By now his lips had eased forward, now millimetres away from hers. “Especially by you. So what do you say? Do you fancy tasting my delights?”

That cheeky gleam was back in his eyes. The one she couldn’t resist, so when his mouth touched her lips, she readily accepted the gift. He was so soft and warm against her flesh, offering a heady cocktail of romance, acceptance and passion.

Before she was even conscious of the action, her arms had risen to weave a hold around his shoulders, bringing all of him closer. The cologne he wore tantalised her senses, adding to the spell he was casting. If anyone had asked why she clung to him so, she would have claimed he had wafted a love potion in her direction.

But it had to stop. This was supposed to be a work situation, not a romantic jolly. Still, she could now claim he was a good kisser; that was for sure. And she’d like to try out those lips again; just not in some corner of a workshop as though it was a sleazy encounter.

It was a good job she had pushed him away with the word, “Later,” because John had come stumbling into the special effects trailer holding several boxes of electronic components.

Andy had managed to turn from looking goofy to efficient in milliseconds. “Need a hand with all that?” he asked his brother.

“Just a bit,” John admitted, pushing the boxes bodily onto the nearest flat surface before they could all tumble to the floor.

Relieved he wasn’t shouting blue murder at her, Donna picked up her check list and continued working through the maintenance items to be dealt with, not seeing behind her the look that had passed between the two men.

It was one of knowledge, and Andy gulped anxiously despite his previously brave words. John had seen and he would have done anything to spare him that.


“Donna, any chance of some coffee?” John had distractedly asked her as he twiddled with the innards of the animatronic creature in front of him. The thing jerked about on the workbench for a bit.

Any closer and he’d trap his nose in the wiring, she thought as she turned her attention from compiling an email. The fact that a similar question hadn’t been fired from the other person in the workshop rather forced her eyes to seek out Andy.

He hadn’t said anything to her since John had appeared. There had been no communication beyond a meaningful guilty glance in John’s direction. Did this mean Andy was too frightened of his brother to show any reaction or had she been dumped before she had even drawn breath, let alone tried out the official title of ‘girlfriend’? Whatever the situation was, and she seriously thought it was the latter; John had accidentally provided her with a way to escape for a while and metaphorically lick her wounds. Not that she had dismissed the notion of confronting Andy, because she hadn’t. No siree.

“I suppose so,” she allowed in answer to John’s query. “They should have some fresh stuff ready by now. Did you want some coffee too, Andy?”

From the other end of the fur-covered contraption, Andy popped up his head to answer, “Yes please. And if you can find a pastry or biscuit to go with it, I wouldn’t say no.”

“Will do!” she managed to cheerily call out, and promptly left the room.

Immediately, Andy came away from his task and stood contemplating John. “Okay, you’ve got rid of Donna. Now you can say to me what you need to.”

John slowly put down his tools and set his features into a stern expression. “Would you care to explain your little exhibition earlier?” He then immediately took in a deep gasp of air, and launched into a tirade. “No, don’t bother because I already know what pathetic excuse you will come up with. It has always been the same with you. Some new shiny thing to distract your attention and off you go, treading on everyone and everything else. What amazes me is that you still think I’m stupid enough not to notice!”

“So I don’t get the chance to say anything in my defence, do I?” Andy pondered. “Typical! Bloody typical!”

Using one menacing step, John moved towards his brother. “It’s always all about you! Do you even care about her? Or is she just your latest plaything?”

“Of course I care,” Andy growled. “What do you take me for? And since you’re not going to make a proper move on her, I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

“Proper move?” John disdainfully repeated. “You can’t even describe it in attractive terms. All you care about is gaining a sexual conquest.”

“Well excuse me for being human!” Andy raged. “That IS the object of the exercise, after all.”

“What!” John spluttered. “Can you hear yourself? I really thought you were better than that.”

“Perhaps I ought to go out and have a one night stand just like you did, instead,” Andy spitefully retorted. “At least I am honest about my intentions.”

“Not to her face, I bet,” John spat in disgust. “Donna is not that sort of woman. She doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.”

“Oh yeah? Then how should she be treated?” Andy demanded to know, relishing the feeling of goading him.

“With kindness, tolerance and respect,” John answered sincerely, “but also as someone who is a long term commitment.”

Now the truth was coming out. “You’ve really thought about this,” Andy quietly noted.

“Certainly more than you have,” John angrily replied.

And now in for the kill. Andy decisively stated, “Anyone would think you are desperately in love with her.”

John’s eyes went wide in shock. “Erm…”

Part 6

Date: 2017-03-07 12:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I finally got a chance to catch up on the last few chapters, and I actually said a "oooooooooooh!" the whole time I was reading the kiss scene. Donna, girl, get it! Get it get it get it!


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