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Title: Gallifrey Productions (4/7?)
Author: [ profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna, Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), Jenny Smith, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2372
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
A/N: sorry for the delay in updating. I'd written loads more and then decided to include it in the next bit instead.
Previously: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Part 4

“Good grief no!” John spluttered, clearly appalled at the thought of Amanda having direct access. “Dread the thought. Jenny doesn’t have a mother; she died long ago when Jenny was small and I inherited her. One of those instant ‘we had a drunken one night stand once - this is your daughter - now get on with it’ sort of things.”

“So the mother just turned up on your doorstep one day?” Donna wondered.

“No,” he said, “a social worker did. There’d been a fatal car accident. Black ice.”

Donna winced compassionately. “Bit of a shock. Instant dad-dom.”

“Tell me about it,” he sighed. “Of course I wanted to do the right thing and look after my daughter. Unfortunately, that meant letting my mother get involved.”

“Mothers, eh,” she sympathised, thinking of her own prime example. “So, you live with your mother?”

His face twisted in disgust. “Only when I have to. My mother looks after Jenny during the holidays or when I’m working away. Not that I approve of a lot of the attitudes she tries to pass on.” He then eyed the door very carefully. “Can we discuss that particular matter another time? There was a lot of fuss about this taking your daughter to work thing today; and Jenny’s school term doesn’t start properly until next week.”

“See. That didn’t kill you to tell me,” Donna commented to praise him and encourage further revelations. “And who volunteered me to babysit her today?”

“Ah,” he guiltily murmured. “It just sort of happened.”

“Like a lot of things around you seem to do,” she noted. “Don’t worry, I’ll find something to do with her; but please note: I expect to be treated to lunch as compensation. Maybe even dinner if you push your luck too far.”

Sounds like you want to spend mealtimes with me. He grinned with delight. “You’ll get to have lunch with me all next week too.”

“Don’t remind me,” she retorted. What a tart! “This is getting perilously close to Happy Families.”

“Sorry.” His expression turned contrite. “Before you go back to your desk, I want to run an idea passed you: I’m thinking of hiring Jenny a companion. What do you think?”

“I didn’t know I work for Merchant Ivory,” she joked. “Careful or they'll be going off to Italy for the summer and end up watching young men skinny dipping.”

“Yes, very droll,” he commented. “You could have just said that you don’t approve.”

“And lose my chance to take the mick? I think not,” she triumphantly informed him. “If you could stop treating her like a young child but rather as a potentially responsible adult then maybe you’d laugh, but I can see my time is wasted here. I’d better get back to my babysitting duties.” She half turned to walk away.

“Donna, I really do appreciate you keeping her entertained for a few hours,” he sincerely began to say. “I’d do it myself but...” He waved vaguely at his desk to denote how much work he still needed to achieve for their coming week.

“But you’re a bloke,” she finished for him. “I understand. Having these…” She thrust her hands onto her boobs in demonstration. “…qualifies me instantly without any training. Fortunately for you, I’ve got previous. On the babysitting front and not the boob related crimes or otherwise, before you ask.” Walking over to the door, she deliberately opened it and called out to Jenny, “How do you fancy helping me spend some of your dad’s money? I’ve got some things like hotels that I need to book and special clothes to buy for our trip.”

The groan of frustration behind her was as satisfying as she had expected it to be.

Along with the groan, John’s mind still kept flitting back to image of Donna clasping her breasts. Watching the door close behind her, he wondered what sort of whirlwind was blowing through his life, and if he would be able to cope once she had left him. Part of him suddenly didn’t want to find out.


Three people stood on the pavement outside a popular eatery on the nearest high street, regarding it with varying degrees of interest.

“A McDonald’s,” John stressed, wringing out every single ounce of disgust in his being, “You’ve made me bring you to a McDonald’s.”

“Dad, you promised,” Jenny countered, now feeling as though her anticipated treat was slipping away.

“Look at it,” John complained, peering in through the window at the noisy interior filled with young families and teenagers as part of the lunchtime rush. “It’s loud, full of people, greasy and probably unhygienic.”

“Come on,” Donna tried to chivvy him. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

He glared at her. “It went to find a better place to eat; just like we are going to do.”

To be honest, Donna couldn’t really imagine him sitting inside the restaurant in his expensive suit; but she hated to see Jenny so disappointed when all she had wanted was a normal teenage experience. “We could always try the drive through,” she suggested, but she knew it was futile.

His shoulders were set in a determined fashion and he strode away.

A good ten minutes later they were sat at a table for three in a different class of restaurant altogether, and John was encouraging Jenny to try some upmarket burgers.

“I could have had this in McDonald’s,” she grumbled in true teenage fashion.

“But not as well cooked,” he insisted under his breath.

Holding up the menu to cover her face, Donna had gone beyond wishing she had never blackmailed him into taking them out for lunch. It was proving to be disastrous so far. And the prices in this new place were astronomical! It made her feel very uncomfortable to have him pay for all this. She was brought hurriedly out of her thoughts by the gentle touch of his hand as it brushed against hers. “Hmm?” she innocently questioned, lowering the menu.

“I asked what you are having,” he repeated. “And please don’t do the ‘I’m not very hungry’ thing.”

“Why would I do that if I’m starving?” she queried; and caught Jenny’s amused look. “I take it that that’s what a certain ex used to do. Well us normal people don’t bother playing silly buggers like that, especially when your boss has been kind enough to take you out to eat.”

He blustered slightly, “It was the least I could do.”

“No, the least you could have done was slap a twenty pound note down on the desk and demand I go out and buy sandwiches.”

“Told you,” Jenny victoriously aimed at him.

“Yes... well… I did consider doing that,” he admitted, “but this is a special day.”

“It’s not your birthday, is it?!” Donna gasped out in horror.

“No,” he quickly answered before chuckling in amusement. “Not yet. I’ll give you fair warning, I promise.”

“To have the fire brigade on standby in case all those birthday candles cause a fire hazard,” she pretended to surmise with a nod of her head. “Makes sense.”

The sight of him openly laughing was extremely satisfying. Enough to make her mentally polish her finger nails on her top.

“I wish we could eat every meal with you,” Jenny later whispered to her as they giggled together in the office; filling her heart with pride and sadness that the girl seemed to have little merriment in her home life.


Trundling her full wheeled suitcase out to John’s car the following Monday morning was rather exciting, it must be said. Heaving it onto and then off a bus again had not been. Next time, Donna vowed, she would take up his offer to collect her from home, and thus risk the wrath of her mother as she evaded any possible questions aimed in their direction. The poor bloke wouldn’t deserve it, but losing the power in your arms from straining a muscle was not something worth endangering yourself for. Especially when you were expected to make notes and arm yourself with a clipboard.

John beckoned her over to a large black vehicle she hadn’t seen before. “I brought the Land Rover this time,” he informed her, “thought it might be better for travelling across the odd field or two.”

“Aw, and I was hoping for a Rolls Royce rather than a Chelsea tractor,” she joked as he swung her suitcase up and into the boot.

“It can be arranged,” he jovially replied. “Once you’ve earned us a million pound contract.” He then looked thoughtfully down at her shoes. “Talking of fields, are you going to be okay in those?”

“I’ve brought my boots,” she assured him, “since I know how much you love them.”

He grimaced. “Yes, absolutely. Let’s be off.”

They were going to be visiting various film locations throughout the week, to check on production standards, budgets, health and safety, and a myriad of other things that could be worried about. Andy would join them later to go through the special effects stuff; for the company’s pride and joy was providing science fiction projects with realistic aliens.

“How’s Jenny?” Donna opened the conversation with as the car pulled away from its designated spot outside Gallifreyan Productions.

“Not keen to go back to school, as you can well imagine,” he supplied. “But she’ll be fine once her friends get her chatting. Thank you for looking after her so well on Friday.”

It hadn’t exactly been a hardship. “You’re welcome.”

Using the indicator at that point to leave a roundabout, he commented, “We certainly heard a lot about you over the weekend.”

That caught her interest. “Oh? What sort of thing?” she asked, leaning in towards him.

He briefly glanced directly at her, and got to view some unexpected cleavage along with a hint of her thigh beneath her skirt. Oh my! “Well…. This and that. When Mother insisted Jenny changed out of her jeans and into a dress, we got ‘Donna says a woman should dress only for herself and not just to please other people’,” he quoted.

“Sorry about that,” she mumbled apologetically.

“No, don’t be sorry,” he insisted, and stretched out a hand to pat her on the knee in comfort. Realising at the last moment that he shouldn’t do so, he hastily retreated it and returned his hand to the steering wheel in front of him. “It’s refreshing to hear Jenny talk that way, and Mother was deeply impressed despite herself.”

“Good, because I was trying to promote body positivity.”

“So you should,” he commented, and flashed her one of his smiles.

One of the ones she had presumed were rare when she had started working with him the week before, but which were steadily increasing in frequency.

“Your body is very...” Oops! He wasn’t supposed to say anything about her body, especially if it could be misconstrued as sexual harassment. “...I mean it’s erm very positive,” he finished on an embarrassed cough.

“Yeah.” She eyed him suspiciously. What had all that been about? Was he thinking and failing to come up with a suitable insult about her looks? Well sod him for even trying! She could do without THAT sort of thing. Hadn’t her ex, Lance, done enough of all that? The lying, two faced piece of shit…

Sensing rather than properly seeing her downturn in mood, John suggested she find the radio station of her choice for them to listen to in the car. How could he amuse her? Right at that second something occurred to him. “I also need to tell you; and you’ll laugh at this when you hear it, but one of her school friends saw us on Friday and thought you were Jenny’s mother.”

“No!” Donna denied, silently pleased.

“Yes!” he stressed, and chuckled. “Jenny was highly amused and went on about it all Saturday night. Anyone would think she liked you.” Almost as much as me.

She merely snorted in reply. It was best that she say nothing. Never mind; but at least her mood had lifted and they good naturedly squabbled over the merits of various stations and their music choices for the rest of their journey. All the time she daydreamed that it could be like this permanently.

Two and a half hours after they had begun their journey, they pulled into the car park of Acorn Tree House, where one of the company’s latest features was being recorded. Parked alongside them were several trailers, each labelled with a different actor or department.

“Oooh,” Donna murmured, casting her eyes with interest at the name signs. One of them she’d heard of and she wasn’t keen on him, but the others could turn out to be endless delights. “Do you get to play the monster as you are, or will they insist on toning your look down with makeup?” she teased John as he appeared by her side.

“Ha,” he silently laughed back. “Be careful with that tongue, it might cut your lip,” he retorted.

“Oh wouldn’t you like to know how my tongue feels,” she responded without thinking it through. “Oh!” she exclaimed when his eyes went wide in shock. “I didn’t mean like that, you prawn,” she chastised him, adding in a feeble swat to his arm. Except I do mean like that, she hastily shut herself up as she did so.

“Yes. Well,” he near whimpered, not knowing how else to answer her denial. For a second there it had certainly felt as though she had meant it. Perhaps it was his imagination creating that little scenario? For now he would have to pretend it was. “Us monsters have to get to the special effects department in order to change the public’s awareness about aliens.”

She frowned. “What’s wrong with the current public view of them?”

Using the motion to breath in her scent up close, he leaned close to whisper, “That you see aliens as monsters, for a start.”

It gave her some food for thought as they made their way towards their destination. Did she automatically assume aliens were monsters? And why was he on such a mission? Perhaps it was just a bought of possessiveness where their creations were concerned.


Part 5

Date: 2017-02-28 11:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad Jenny seems to like Donna, it probably will come in handy. A little retail therapy, good idea!

Yup... already people are assuming they are married (or at least share a daughter). Sad about the one night stand thing, though... black ice is not to be messed with, either.

And Donna assumes right away that he was going to insult her. Nice deflection, and then they are talking about her tongue.... uh, oh!

These travel arrangements are going to be the end of them. No, wait! The beginning of them... yes, that's right.

Date: 2017-03-01 02:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, I'm highly entertained. Assumptions being made, Jenny imprinting on Donna, and John sticking his foot in his mouth about Donna. :DDDDDDD

But what a sad story about how Jenny came into his life. Ouch. I feel sorry for them all.

If your muse needs ideas, you know where to find me. Hope you got my email and that it cheered you up a little. Maybe even gave you a plot bunny or two. :)

Date: 2017-03-02 02:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So true. ;D

It worked.

So... waiting for your thoughts on the tidbit I sent you. It's meant as a present for someone. :)

Date: 2017-03-03 04:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's okay. I understand. I just wanted to give you a little something to smile at. *hugs*


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