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Title: Gallifrey Productions (2/7?)
Author: [ profile] bas_math_girl
Characters: Donna, Ten (John Smith), TenII (Andy Smith), OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2535
Summary: another office, another set of faces to learn for Donna Noble. But suddenly there are two of them, and they are causing her all sorts of problems.
Disclaimer: I own the mini film running in my head and absolutely nothing else here.
Previously: Part 1 |

Part 2

“Right then,” Donna declared, looking at him expectantly. “I’ll make us some tea or coffee, and you can get me up to speed with what I need to know. Is that alright?” She smiled her brightest smile. “I assume you want me to do all that in your office.”

Now thoroughly disarmed, John stammered, “Yes, that’s erm… that’s fine. In... in my office, through there. I take my tea with milk but no sugar. Okay… maybe one sugar, but don’t tell anyone if they ask.”

Why would anyone care, she wondered. Unless his wife was on the warpath about his health. It couldn’t be because he needed to lose some weight. There was hardly anything of him as it was. Perhaps he was diabetic or something? Could explain the bad mood earlier. Yes, it was probably something like that, she decided. Best that she don’t kill off her new boss with sugar. Not yet, anyway; not until she had learned whether he deserved it or not.

“I’ll be right with you,” she assured him. “You go sit yourself down and let me take care of you.”

That’s what I’m worried about
, he thought as he gulped and adjusted his suddenly tight collar.

“One cup of tea coming right up,” Donna confidently announced, and bustled about with tea bags once she had located a small fridge that held the last remnants of a bottle of milk. Just enough to provide two cups, she noted; mentally adding a fresh bottle to her midday shopping trip to buy lunch later on.

Unbeknown to her, John had retreated to the doorway of his office and took the opportunity to watch her without guard in order to assess whether he’d like her or not.

Hmm. He saw a woman of similar age to himself; no ring on her finger that tied her to a particular man. Might mean she’s divorced, he pondered. Not bad looking, all considered; not too thin, fairly busty but not too much, and wide hips that weren’t the fashionable boyish ones every woman in his experience was dying to achieve. Childbearing hips, is how they used to describe such an hour glass figure. If he hadn’t been freshly dumped by his newly formed ex-girlfriend he might have been interested; but all he wanted now was friendship and a decent working relationship.

Besides, it wasn’t even allowed to consider a relationship that meant more. Could never ever happen, he sternly told himself. The policy he insistently thrust upon himself and his co-workers was no workplace romances. They killed the atmosphere when things went inevitably wrong. It was best to avoid all that sort of thing. Still... It was a shame she would go to waste, he thought.

“Blimey, real proper cups and not mugs. It’s a bit posh in your office, isn’t it? That’s what comes from working for a higher up. Here you go,” she said as she walked over and handed him his tea. Then to his horror, she commented, “Why don’t you take a picture, it’d last longer.”

“Pardon?” he blurted out, taking the offered cup whilst avoiding making physical contact with her hand. That would have been a big ‘no no’ in the circumstances.

She gazed directly into his eyes, as though she could see into his soul. “I said: take a picture. You were staring at me.”

“Was I?” He pinked up, right to the tips of his ears. “I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“That’s alright,” she reassured him. “Stands to reason you’d do that, what with it being only me and you in here without anything else to look at, and this is the first time you’ve seen me without my disguise.” She indicated her head towards her coat still slung over the back of a chair. “Mum says I look like one those cat ladies, about to go exploring in the Antarctic. It’s enough to put people off their dinner or gawp at me when they see ginger hair suddenly appear.”

His eyes inevitably strayed to the top of her head. “It’s erm... very lovely. You have lovely ginger hair,” he spluttered, and then tried to cover his embarrassment by taking a hasty sip of his tea.

“Thanks,” she trilled, mentally adjusting her opinion of him. She’d allow him that compliment seeing as they were new to each other. Perhaps he wasn’t so bad after all and was merely shy rather than aloof. So far he had responded well to a spot of good natured teasing, and he could certainly do with a sandwich or two, judging by how skinny he was; so she made a mental note to take in some homemade goodies to help feed him up at the first opportunity. “I’ll find a notepad and then perhaps you could fill me in on all the stuff I’ll need to know while I'm here.”

“Excellent idea,” he replied, smiling with relief. It always unsettled him when there was a change in staff. And although he had known for a while that Susan would go on maternity leave, the suddenness of her being forced to take it earlier than anticipated had rather thrown him for a loop. “Hopefully your next six weeks or so with us will soon fly by.”

“Already wishing I was going, huh?” Donna teased him. “I can see I’m going to have to watch you.”

The delighted blush on his cheeks and the way his eyes lit up in merriment was all the answer she wanted. Yes, she could cope with this position. Should be a piece of cake.


Her first day hadn’t gone at all badly, once John Smith had lightened up a little bit and partial removed that stick up his butt. Of course she hadn’t told her mother that it could be considered as a remarkably cute posterior; it didn’t pay to advertise that sort of thinking since it invited far too many questions. It was a well-known fact that Sylvia Noble liked to know the ins and outs of a cat’s behind about most topics of conversation, but where potential son-in-laws were concerned, she had all the viciousness of an overprotective spitting cobra.

In light of that, Donna had kept it brief when describing her new boss. A blank, “He seemed nice enough,” and that was it.

“Surely there’s someone there you could be interested in,” Sylvia had quizzed her daughter. “You’re obviously not looking hard enough.”

It was a conversation that threatened to come back and haunt her during her second day at Gallifreyan Productions. Mainly because that requested interest turned up in smart designer clothing the following morning.

“Hello, you’re through to John Smith’s office. How may I help you?” Donna answered the phone using her best professional voice. After listening for a moment, she continued, “I’m sorry, he’s unavailable at the moment. Can I take a message?”

As she jotted down what was being said, the sound of the outer office door being opened could be heard, followed by soft footsteps on the carpeted floor.

“Is he in?” a male voice to her side asked.

Replacing the telephone receiver, she turned to the visitor to answer, “He’s...”

Oh my good gawd! She didn’t get to say any more than that one word because, looking up, she saw what she would probably have described as a cross between her new boss and the most gorgeous bloke she had ever laid eyes on.

There was a delicious waft of expensive cologne as he got nearer, and she could make out every aspect of his hazel eyes, neatly coiffured brown hair and close-styled beard. The wide grin he aimed at her was dazzling. And his expensively cut dark clothing moulded beautifully to his slim build. He could easily grace any designer’s catwalk. Yep, 100% gorgeous, she decided.

“You must be the new fill in for Susan,” the man said, in a voice that perfectly matched John Smith’s. “He should be expecting me, so I’ll go straight in.”

“No,” she declared, remembering the instructions she had been given. “You can’t.”

“I assure you I can,” he confidently replied, gripping the inner door handle to open it without hesitation. “Hello John. You been telling the staff to keep me out again?” he greeted the man inside the office.

“Andy!” John called out in delight, and hastily dropped his pen to get up and personally meet his visitor. “I wasn’t expecting you back until Tuesday.”

“Things went better than expected in Prague, so I took the opportunity to catch an earlier flight home,” Andy explained. “Aren’t you going to introduce me?” He nodded with meaning towards Donna.

“Oh, right. Donna is my new personal assistant.” John guilty spoke directly to her, “This is my brother Andrew. He deals with the more artistic side of things.”

“You’ve probably noticed he deals with the more practical side,” Andy commented about his brother.

It was as if they had spoken with the same voice. Thank goodness one was bearded and the other clean-shaven otherwise she would have had problems telling them apart. Their resemblance was uncanny.

“And which one of you is the evil twin?” she mischievously asked.

Andy laughed the loudest. “Depends on your viewpoint; but he’s the oldest so I’m the cutest.”

“Do you have to tell everyone that?” John complained, in what was obviously a long running argument.

Seeing John startled by Andy’s words made her day. This job might be loads of fun after all, if this version of Russell Brand was going to stick around.

“Admit it, you just can’t take the competition,” Andy retorted. “Don’t worry, the ladies still love you.” He added in a conspiratorial wink towards Donna, and then instantly thought better of it. Wouldn’t do to upset her when, as far as he knew, she had only been there a short time. “But in a totally platonic sort of way, just as you like it.”

Exasperated, John changed the subject and beckoned Andy into his office to discuss business; leaving Donna to consider how much she had learned about her boss in a few straight minutes.


It didn’t surprise her in the slightest when they later announced they were going out to lunch to continue their discussion. They strode passed Donna’s desk, talking animatedly without hardly pausing for breath.

Pulling out his car keys from his trouser pocket in readiness, John asked, “Where do you fancy going?”

“Erm. I quite fancy The Manor Lodge,” Andy replied, causing his brother to shudder to a halt.

“Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps somewhere else,” John hesitated.

“Look, if you’re worried about running into whatshername, we could take Donna here with us. Make it into a proper business luncheon.” Andy smiled to entice his brother. “Go on, I haven’t been there in ages, and I’m starting to really fancy their roast lamb.”

John set his pleading look on Donna, as though he was begging her to rescue him. “Alright,” he reluctantly agreed, dragging out the word to include every possible syllable. “But you are paying. What do you say, Donna?”

“Fine by me,” she cheerily stated, and stood to grab her coat.

“Can I just ask…” John stepped nearer to momentarily stopped her movements. “…your coat. Can we leave it here? I promise I’ll buy you a replacement one if need be, but no. Just no.”

Ah, the offending padded coat. She hadn’t been able to get her woollen coat washed and dried in time, so she had had to wear the same coat as yesterday. “A bit posh is it, this eatery?” she wondered.

“Very,” Andy supplied, almost bouncing on the spot in anticipation. “Don’t worry if you get cold, I’ll make sure he buys you that brand new coat.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” she trilled, grabbing up her bag and letting Andy escort her out of the door.

Oh yes. Things were seriously looking up.


Well, she’d sat through more exciting dinners, it had to be said. The place was okay, the standard of the meal was high, the view out of the window they’d been sat next to was stunning with the proximity to boating craft along the Thames; but getting to actually eat the food she had ordered was proving to be awkward. All they’d done was go on about figures; progress charts and that sort of thing. Which would have been fine if she had been aux fait with whatever they were going on about, but she wasn’t. Not yet. This was still only her second day there, after all. At least some of it was interesting; especially when they started discussing locations, designs and special effects.

They talked with insight, speed and passion, but Donna was pleased that she easily kept up with her notes, using her shorthand skills despite being a little bit rusty with it. Her previous job had been more of a typing gig.

“John, for goodness sake give Donna a chance to eat her lunch,” Andy eventually moaned at him. “She can’t do that if all you do is talk.”

“Sorry,” John apologised to her, laying down the cutlery he’d been waving about in sync with his words. “I get a bit carried away when I’m discussing things with Andy.”

“So I’ve noticed,” she replied, not unkindly. “It’s okay, this is what you pay me for; and fortunately it doesn’t matter if my salad gets cold.”

To her surprise, John placed a comforting hand over the top of hers where it lay on the crisp white tablecloth. “Thank you. I appreciate you being here,” he murmured.

At that precise moment a woman approached them and glared at John; causing him to hastily whip away his hand. If a catwalk model actually lived and breathed amongst us, this is what one of them would look like, Donna commented to herself. Certainly the sort of perfect woman you want to trip up and ladder her tights every now and then. This particular one was dressed in a cream designer shift dress with matching shoes and jewellery; and she was continuously holding back a long curl of black hair that framed her elfin face perfectly. In any other situation Donna would not have been keen on her, but in this instance it was hate at first sight.

It was Andy who solved the mystery of who the elegant woman was.

“Hello Amanda. How nice of you to come over and meet me like this,” Andy suavely greeted her.

“Oh. Hello Andrew,” she replied, as though she had only just noticed him sitting there. “I didn’t know you were back in the country.”

“Evidently not,” he drily commented. “So,.... Amanda, what can we do for you?”

“Am I interrupting something?” she coolly wondered, now turning her interested gaze on to Donna, seated as she was between the two men.

“Merely a family reunion,” John calmly stated, “Nothing for you to worry about.”

“It looked cosier than that,” Amanda observed.

“Cosy?” John questioned. “I suppose so, since we are celebrating Andy and Donna being here.”

This was her cue to make a stance. “I’m Donna, by the way,” she piped up, “since you didn’t ask when you invited yourself over to our table.”

Part 3

Date: 2017-02-24 04:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, so John has noticed Donna? Good. Her transformation has overwhelmed him. Sounds like the ex-girlfriend did a number on him. I expect to hate her readily. Of course, it's possible that nothing CAN happen until Donna's contract is up.

Ah...! So John is clean-shaven Ten, and Andy is a bearded MC? I'm liking this set-up already! Shame Donna has no twin of her own. This would be nicely solved already. :D And Andy wants Donna to tag along? Well... this is going to get complicated fast, and I love it!

Amanda, eh? Who are we supposed to see with her face? My mind immediately went... you can guess where it went. But... *giggles* I imagine that Donna will hold her own.

*hugs* If you need ideas, please ask away!

Date: 2017-02-24 09:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm currently at my desk eating plain yogurt, because nothing else seemed appetizing. I desperately want to be in Donna's situation, instead! Sitting between the two of them would make absolutely anything taste great, I imagine, even a salad.


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